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Does anyone else find they get sick or have a lower immune system?

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I have been working out for a few months now and I notice each time I lose some weight and exercise alot i always get sick!
My PT told me that it is very common to have a lower immune system when you train.
Does anyone else experience this? If so what do they do to prevent getting sick as often?
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I reckon if you are training really hard your body is concentrating and repairing muscles and such.  I personally get sick a lot less when I am exercising.  I work pretty hard too.  Getting the proper nutrition is extremely important.  If you are getting sick I would re-evaluate your diet to make sure you are getting enough to eat and the right kinds of foods.  I eat healthy and train hard and barely ever get sick anymore.
I agree with the above - though the thought did pass through my mind when I started out.  It seemed I was getting more sick.  It was then I started counting how much water I actually drank vs. what I thought I drank.  And I quit soda (even diet).  I think I even took a round of parasite meds, too!  Coincidence or not, right after that I was right as rain.  Good lluck!  Z
Yeah, I would say nutrition is key, lots of water and no soda too.  Also, there are different studies out there about taking vitamin and antioxidant supplements (for and against them).  You can find a few threads here on C-C if you do a search.  I take a supplement a couple times a week, just in case my diet has neglected something, and I take an iron supplement around TTOM.  And I never get sick at all and I workout six days a week.
I heard from this doctor on a talk radio show, that sugar weakens the immune systems. Try taking a multi vitamin and a lot more vitamin C because people do not get their recommended dose of C enough and that is why many of us get sick.
I recently read that fit people, because they have a lower resting heart rate, have a wider range during which to recover, and unfit people, because they have a higher resting heart rate, have a narrower range. Because their recovery range is more narrow, they are more likely to overtrain, get injured or come down with an illness.

Ironically, the day after I read this, I came down with a cold!! I had just increased my level of running from 3x's a week to 4x's a week. And bam - I got a cold!!

However, I recovered from this cold a lot faster. I did go running even though I was feeling sick, and afterwards, I felt a lot better. I think that the running raises the body temp and helps battle off the germs or something.

Anyway, if you are getting sick a lot, it's probably a sign you are overtraining for your current fitness level.
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I have had the same problem the past few years, and everytime I would get sick it would take me longer to start my exercise/weight loss program. So I would have to start all over again. I read a lot about weight loss and exercising, and now I take a lot of different supplements(vitamins) I have found that this works really well, I havent been sick, since I started losing weight again.
I was just wondering about this myself... I never get sick, I mean NEVER, haven't taken a sick day from work in like 4 years. I've been working out for 3 months and just now starting to feel like I am really pushing myself and making a difference. Out of nowhere I get a killer sore throat and muscle aches that lasts all week. I drink lots of water and eat healthy so I don't think I am malnourished. I don't take any supplements so maybe that is why.

Also I agree with jenmcc, I dragged myself out to exercise yesterday even though I felt pretty awful, and I actually felt better afterwards.
I rarely get sick but when I start to feel "funky" I take zinc right away- I'll take 2 tablets then 8 hours later take 2 more - also extra vit C - after this for 24 hours I am fine.  The secret is to get the zinc started at the first sign of feeling like you are catching something.

As far as getting sicker I don't think so.  Maybe if you work out in a gym or a place where there are people who don't know how to wash their hands or don't use hand sanitizers and go to the gym coughing and sneezing all over the place then yea you probably will get sick alot more often.
Part of how strong your immune system is is genetic. Working out hard does tax the immune system in any person, but doesn't necessarily mean all people will get sick. On the other hand, working out (for shorter periods of time) can also jump start the immune system in a positive way, even when you are sick. Myself I have a very strong immune system and rarely get sick. However, I did pick up a bug that has been going around recently.

Rather than worry about what OTHER people are doing, i.e., not washing their hands or equipment, and going out of their homes when sick, I would concentrate on what YOU do and that would be washing YOUR hands and NOT touching your nose, mouth, and eyes. You can't always stay home when you're sick.

I agree that sugar is a huge strain on the immune systems and I also believe vitamins help. I feel vitamins work for me but then it's hard to tell if it's just my naturally strong immune system.
I haven't got sick AT ALL since I started working out, February 3rd. I just got sick on Wednesday though haha, first time though. I started with a sore throat which got healed late at night the next day, today I'm having allergy symptoms, runny nose, sneezing (Haha I just sneeze while typing that), and the typical other stuff. I haven't had allergies in the longest time though so that's good in a way. I doubt I'm sick because of the working out, so don't worry about it, probably your body's just changing and later it'll be great!
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Hey Kate the same thing happens to me. I found this article. system/17-fat-removal.html

It says that losing even a little bit of fat lowers the immune system.  So I guess we have to figure out how to build our immune systems up.

I eat a good diet but I am eating less food then I have done before in order to lose weight. I have tried vitamin c and b etc and so far it hasn't helped much. This didn't happen to me when I was younger. I am 45 now. I am going to try spirulina and see if that helps.
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