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is anyone else doing insanity?

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I'm on day three and I'm feeling my muscles my calfs especially, starting to strengthen, I wanted to know if this workout pays off because while muscle isn't bad I wanted to achieve a more lean figure. I'am overweight and any workout works for me, I just want to know about any one else's experience with the program.
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I am doing the Jillian Michaels Total Body Transformation. Great program!

I love doing Insanity.  I'm going to do another round starting in June.  I've only been able to complete Month 1.  I have done it twice.  It really helps me build up my endurance for my running and increases my metabolism.  I have noticed now that I am able to complete more rounds correctly.  It still kicks my butt and I cry throughout the Pure Cardio, BUT after wards I feel like a champion...laying on the floor, texting my friends to come pick me up.

I hope that in July I'll be able to start Round 2 and complete it.  It's a rough one and I've attempted it twice. 

I wish you luck!

Hi ladies, can someone please explain the general outline of the insanity workout? A few people have said its fantastic but not sure exactly what's included. Thanks!
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Hi!  Today is my rest day, but tomorrow I will be starting week 2 of month 2 with Insanity.  Hopefully I can answer some of your questions.

First, let me say that I started out at roughly 211lbs.  I am 5'4", and was wearing a snug size 16 everything down bottom, and 18/20 top (because of my 36K sized boobs).

First, let me outline the workout for the person who asked:

There are two months with a recovery week in between.  You start with a fit test, about 8 exercised performed for 60 seconds each.  You track how many you can do, and every two weeks you take this test again to see your progress.

Every day you do a different workout (5 different ones per month) and you rotate those 5.  The workouts from month one are different from the ones in month two.  You start out with a but kicking warm up, then move on to insanely ridiculous workouts, each exercise for roughly a minute, in sets of about 5.  After doing the 5 exercises or so for a minute, you get a 30 second break.  Then you repeat what you did, usually 2 more times.  This changes a bit as the workouts progress, and depends on whether you're doing a circuit (in which case you could have 3 rounds each of 3 different workouts) or just cardio or whatever.

You won't believe that anything could get harder, but it totally does in month two, although the format is the same.

That said, after the first week I lost 7.5 inches off my whole body (2.5 of that was my waist alone!) and 5lbs.  My lbs. lost slowed some after that, but I still lost some inches.  I read somewhere that month one really gears you up for month two, which is where more results are seen, but I've seen that some people lose from day one and lose the whole time.  I guess it's different for everyone.

I am pleased with my results so far; I am under 200lbs now (198), but mostly my clothes fit different.  I'm comfortable in 14's.  And I'm wearing shirts I haven't worn in 3 years because my arms/chest were too big before.  I'm down to a 34HH bra.  (BTW, Even when I was in excellent physical shape I had really big boobs, so they're not going to get much smaller).  But they've still gone down like 4 cups sizes in 6 weeks.

Overall I feel better too.  I'm not stiff or sore anymore when I wake up (except from working out, lol- ice after the workouts and it will help you ALOT!)- I used to wake up stiff and sore every morning before I started the program.  I can carry both my little ones (4 and 2) up my 13 stairs to their bedrooms, and they weigh a combined 74lbs) without getting winded.  I can jog from Walmart to the back of the parking lot in the rain without being winded AT ALL.  I know that doesn't sound like much to some, but it's a lot to me, considering how things were before.  My 14 year old son runs track and can't keep up with me during the workouts :) , nor can my 14year old daughter, who's a dancer and dances 5 times a week.  Not that they're not physically fit, they are, just that this workout will change your body in ways that the average workout can't.  You'll feel so much stronger, and better about yourself in public- even when people are looking at you like you're fat, inside you won't be bothered as much because you'll know how much your'e working and how much you've changed.  It's a good feeling.

I'm going to do a second round when I'm done- next to labor, it's the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's very addicting:)

If you like, you can email me or we can be workout buddies on Supergym (teambeachbody- it's free) and hold each other accountable.  Congratulations on your progress thus far!

I did the program and I know what you mean about the muscles. You will build some muscle but it will not be a huge noticeable amount. I love the program and it really works and if you have the muscle it will keep your metabolism up once you are at your goal weight (that way you don't start gaining again). All that being said this is a cardio program it is not meant for building muscle (that's what p90x is for) so I doubt you will put on too much muscle for your liking.

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I just started P90X, but my girlfirend is doing insanity and she has lost 31 pounds since January. She looks slim and slender - not bulky. Hope that helps. I see her every day, and what a diference. She looks great!

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I just completed the program. It was definetly one of the hardest workouts I've ever tried but one that definetly worked considering I too was overweight. With that being said, I lost 42lbs and 11% body fat. I feel better, my clothes fit better and this was actually fun for me. If you stick with it and manage a healthy balanced diet I think you'll be happy with the results! Good luck on your journey!

I completed insanity last may and when all said and done i lost 30 pounds without changing my diet very much. I am military so i am not in bad shape to begin with but needed to lean out. It worked.

I am currently on week 2 of month one and my calves have been sore but it is better now and I feel like I have more energy. I have tried to completethis several times but get burned out after month one, I am determined to finish the 2 months since from what I read the BIG results come in month 2. I did notice that I have to eat more calories while doing it, about 1700. I was eating 1300-1500 last time I did it and did not lose weight, I hit a plateau so I am sticking with 1700 and so far that is working great. Good luck!


I started Insanity about 2 years ago, I got lots of injuries. I recommend to change your program to Turbo Fire. I liked it very much and is not so hard on the knees. 

Turbo Fire is a 5 month program, so you will be compromised for a longer time. 

The problem is that if you get injuries you probably stop working out and Insanity is a difficult program. 

Since starting Turbo Fire in January 2011 I haven't stopped doing exercise! I tried Insanity again last nov but I just did 1 month. 


I am on my 2nd week of insanity and I love it! You do have to be very careful to modify and do the workout correctly and safely because you can injure yourself. I did the first time I tried doing insanity, I tore a hip flexor and as you can imagine, you need that to do all the insanity workouts. I couldn't even lift my leg up when sitting on the ground. Me knees were also in extreme pain, walking up and down the stairs at work was hard on my knees and at that point I had to stop. This was at the end of the 1st month.

You have to listen to your body when its telling you there is pain, not the regular soreness but actual pain because in the long run it can be bad. This time around I am trying to do the workouts as accurate as possible, like he says do not compromise form. When you jump and you're supposed to land on your feet land on your feet not on your tipy toes. This workout is very addicting :) just be careful.


I completed both rounds of Insanity more than a year ago and I still use the workouts to this day. They're amazing. The first round is definitely much easier than the second, and I still dread doing the second round of videos. I've now moved on to Insanity Asylum, which came out last year. I thought Insanity was tough... But Asylum is INSANE (pun intended of course Smile).

I do have to say that while I did Insanity the first time I didn't follow any sort of diet plan. I can't say that I was eating well so I didn't see major results physically, but I wasn't overweight to begin with. I'm now eating a lot better while doing Insanity and I'm definitely toning up like I wanted to in the first place.

Where do you get the exercise program from? online from where?

I need to do something I haven't lost weight in a month, went on vacation and now can't loose anything doing treadmill and trying to do protein dietKiss

so please send me information on the Insanity thing it sounds great!

I love INSANITY! It is hard and definitely worth it. I'll admit I have had a knee injury doing the program. There is a lot of jumping. And I feel uncoordinated, but now in the rest week, it is giving my knee a rest. I've lost 8lbs and 8 inches in 4 weeks and now stronger than I've been in years. I feel great. I burn roughly 400 calories a workout. 5'4" and 160 lbs. Anyone else want to share how much they burn? Just curious.
Oh BTW u can buy it from or borrow it from someone- that's what I did.

Actually it's more like insanity is doing me.

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I started doing insanity April 30th. At first I lost weight then gained it back. I follow meal plan as close as I can. I do drink alcohol a little to much. I'm 5 feet 137 pounds so my calorie intake is 1850. Im on the beginning of week four and still look the same. Any advice or suggestions will be helpful.
Original Post by cuca08:

I started doing insanity April 30th. At first I lost weight then gained it back. I follow meal plan as close as I can. I do drink alcohol a little to much. I'm 5 feet 137 pounds so my calorie intake is 1850. Im on the beginning of week four and still look the same. Any advice or suggestions will be helpful.

Yes, stop drinking! You'll see more results. And possibly cut your calories back a little. I'm 5'3" 130lbs and I eat 1800-2000 calories to lose a pound a week.. while breastfeeding (which burns an extra 500 calories). Try eating 1650-1700 calories a day.

I've just finished month one and lost 6 pounds and 10 inches. Insanity is amazing, my lower body has never looked so good! In the month one workouts, I burned an average of about 300-400 calories. I'll be curious to see how that changes in month two.

Hi.. I just did two months of bootcamp and loved it. I'm 55 and the instructor had to modify since it's been a few years since I've done intense exercise. I am progressing and I feel great. Wondering if you had difficulty keeping up in the beginning of this program? If yes, how did u get past it?

I am finishing up my 4th week of Insanity....the first two weeks I was really sore, but now not so much. So far I've lost 14lbs and a combined total of 13 inches. I think if I ate better, my results would be better. But, I like the workouts. The high impact gave me knee pain, and I also injured my wrist, but I modified some of the exercises and kept pushing. I am going to do at least 2 rounds before I try P90x. But to answer ur question, it does help u lose weight. I'm headed to the living to push play!!!! Good luck!!!!
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