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anyone else do Body Pump?

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I've been enjoying this weight-lifting class for almost two years now. Gyms all over the world offer it. Anyone else doing it?
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I did body pump for almost a year when I lived in San Diego.  What an awesome class ... my @$$ has never looked better.  ;-)
I did my first body pump class last night (im usually just a cardio girl) Found the class ok and didnt really struggle but man do i ache today! Plus Im ravenous so it must have done something!
yes!  i love it and just recently discovered it - going at 7pm tonight. 
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Yup, it hurts the first time or two, but never again after that. I just know I would never push myself so hard, were it not for this group setting.  I always feel like my life revolves around it in the same way athletes have to prepare for events.  I am working on at my limit in all the tracks, so  I always feel like I have to be up for class... for example am careful not to over tire myself doing yard work.
i love body pump! love it!

my schedule only allows for 1-3 classes a month but it has to be the best class offered at my gym.

Been doing it since February.  Great class! There is absolutely no way I would do this on my own.  The music is great too.  The only thing is, after doing for a long time, it's harder to get benefits from it. 
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Love it! Love it! Love it!!! But my trainer took it away from me. :-(

She said it's more of a circut training and i am focusing on 2 muscle groups at a time... Like today was chest & shoulders...

I miss B/P and I'm sure it will be a big part of my maintaince program...

Have fun!
I tried it for a while but I prefer the Body Combat and Body Attack classes,  I would go back but I think I do enough just now without doing another class.
Can someone describe what the class is?  I am assuming a total-body resistance sort of thing?
Ok, everyone rev up your spirochete hate engines...

Those classes are not a good use of your time. I just looked at the site and it is exactly what I expected (from seeing similar classes): doing a whole bunch of reps. It even uses the dreaded word tone which is meaningless in this context. I guess they could say "build muscle at a very slow, inefficient rate" because that's what people usually mean when they say it.

Hit the free weights, do challenging sets of 8-12 and be done with your weight work out in 30-45 minutes. That is an efficient use of your time.

edit: ok out of morbid curiousity I wondered over to their forums. They are all talking about how one day they saw this woman squating 35kg!! (77lbs) and there's some guy in Scotland rumored to squat 65kg (132 lbs). I personally do three sets of 115lbs and most guys I know squat at least reps of 200lbs.  Guys, this class is a good way to learn how to do lots of reps with suboptimal weights. It's certainly better than sitting on a treadmill for your cardio, I guess.

My new mantra is: any exercise you are doing is a good exercise. I will always add that after one of my nasty critiques.
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This is a class of free weights to music.  There is a good warm up, then squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders, abs and cool-down stretching. The instructors constantly coach us on good form to avoid injuries. The whole class is an hour. You do more repetitions and less weight.  It is better for endurance strength.  The thirty-something guy who owns our gym used to be bulkier muscle guy when he did low-rep lifting. When he first started teaching the pump class it wiped him out, because he was unaccustomed to the higher repetitions. Since teaching the class (discontinuing machine work),  he has lost mass, but feels he is healthier overall... has more energy and endurance.

So yah, people don't lift squat much, because they squat for FOUR minutes. It's a nice class because you can work at your own pace, select your weights... there is a 77-year-old lady who has been doing this class three or more years, but also some very strong guys. I get winded with some of the tracks, so it is half-way cardio.  I've definately gotten much stronger... I do far more weight  that I could initially.  For example, doing chest presses for 4 minutes.  In the beginning it killed me to do 11 pounds, now I do 44. Doesn't sound like much, but try and see if you can do it for four minutes... fast, slow, different timing combinations.

One thing I notice about this gym is that more guys do machines, and the classes are mostly attended by women.  Of the Les Mills  classes, the pump class is by far the most popular. The reason why classes are so popular with women is that women are social creatures.  That this is group exercise makes it enjoyable for us.  My husband did machines only the first few months he joined the gym, and for the last few months started the pump class. He says pump is way more fun, he really enjoys it. The instructors are fun, there is a lot of comraderie, laughter, silliness, the class flies by.... and still when I'm done, I know I worked extremely hard.  I'm sweaty, shaking, exhilerated.

No one is disputing that more weight with fewer reps builds bulk.  It's a matter of what you want your exercise to do for you... what kind of strong you want to be.

The bottomline with exercise, as well with dieting, is that it has to be something that is sustainable in the long run. It is hard to maintain an exercise program if you don't enjoy it. For me it is like the debate, which is better, upright exercise bikes or recumbant exercise bikes... which burns more calories? You know, it doesn't matter to me.  Uprights are uncomfortable, so for me unsustainable. Recumbants burn less calories,  but I can do it forever.

While some people can do it solo, many people are sustained by group support.  When I go to this class I am warmed to see so many out-of-shape people working at this.  Heavy, middle-aged, seniors... people who otherwise would not have come to the gym. They like this class.  For me, I can do more push-ups in the class than I can do at home, because I am not motivated to do them on my own. In the class I have a pride factor of not quitting before the music is over. There is this weird Simon-says aspect... my brain is in somewhere else, my body is on auto-pilot doing what the instructor says.

So you can be critical of something you've never tried.  I love this class.  The Les Mills programs are in thousands of gyms all over the world.  If anyone is interested, go to the Les Mills site ; and it tells you where gyms are located near you.

shiptona, of course people should do whatever exercise they like doing. No one said anything different. Squatting for four minutes is a less effective way of doing three sets of 8 squats. You can't get around that. That is a fact. They both build muscle. One does it well, the other one, not so well.

I don't want to do four minutes of chest presses. I don't want to do four minutes of squats. Like you said, it's about what you like. I want to use my time most effectively; that's what keeps me going back to the gym.

I think a lot of people thrive in a class dynamic, I wouldn't argue with you on that one at all.

As far as critiquing it without trying it, well I don't have to shoot myself in the head to know it's bad for me (I am NOT comparing this class to that). By the way, the reason that guy got less bulky is because these sorts of exercises burn muscle with fat. That is not what I want to do; I just want to lose the fat.

I'm sorry I got you upset over this. There is so much misinformation about women and weight training, it's my personal crusade to change it even if it's one woman at a time.
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I agree with both of you on this one. Sure spirochete is right, working out a proper weights programme is probably a better use of time in terms of gaining results.

But knowing me, I would lose interest/motivation half way through, not push myself to lift heavier weights etc. So I wouldn‚??t gain results at all.

With Pump, I do a 50 minutes workout, I really push myself (nothing like a Les Mills instructor barking at you to get lower in your squats to make you push yourself!) I enjoy the class as it‚??s set to music. I even sing along *cheesy*. I‚??m from NZ and am now living in the UK. One thing I miss is being a member of a proper Les Mills gym. Nothing in the UK comes close.

That said, I‚??ve been travelling and haven‚??t; been to a Pump class in 6 weeks. I am going to DIE.
i loved body pump but now i live in a small town and the local gym doesn't offer it.  they offer their own version - which is horrible.  i love my little town by i miss my big city gym!
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spirochete, I was not "upset."  I was responding to your blanket dismissal of this class, when you said, "Those classes are not a good use of your time."

Go to ; This is the website for my gym.  Read Pam's testamonial.  I know for a fact that this woman does NO exercise other than pump class. I've know this woman for many years.  She probably hadn't exercised for decades.  In her first year of doing pump she got more toned, lost inches, though lost few pounds.  She didn't lose pounds until she also started to eat less.  Maybe she would have been able to achieve the same quicker with a different program... but I know she wouldn't have done this solo... it's not her temperment.

My husband has done machines and pump class. He says no way was he working as hard doing machines.  He works much harder in the pump class.  He's in his late fifties, and this is the first time I have ever seen him do any intentional exercise.  I'm pushing 52... I have never been as strong, fit or toned, not even as compared to 30 years ago.

I asked this morning. The current squat track we're doing has about 120 repetitions, in just under five minutes.  That gym owner, who got less bulky says, for one thing, his rotator cuff doesn't hurt him anymore. He is still very fit and muscular... just that his goal is no longer building the most muscle possible. He says some of the guys who have a lot of bulk, do not have the stamina to do a pump class.

So, this is an apples and oranges thing.  I get the point about bulking up to improve RMR so you burn a few hundred extra calories a day, even without exercise.  In my real life, I just never need the strength to squat 115 pounds. I am more interested in stamina... I want to be able to still climb a ladder to paint my house in twenty five years... and if I have more stamina, I have more ability to burn more calories. 

I like the body pump class.  I take it a couple of times a week every couple of months for my endurance week.  Its fun and challenging and its easy for people to do, espeically those that are intimidated by the scary free weight room full of grunting ape like men, with big vein bulging our their necks. 

I would really like to try the body attack and body combat cause it looks like fun challenging cardio but alas we have no actually les milles gyms for those ones.

Don't worry Spirochete, my butt hurts plenty today from my deep squats and dead lifts.  tomorrow I start working on cleans...hoohah.  Oh yeah I joined a different Y cause I moved and I think I saw DUST on the squat cage and olympic bars. Meanwhile dudes are using the sally machines.....argh
shiptona, machines are another time waster in the gym. I'm not surprised at all that your husband has seen an improvement. I personally wouldn't ever use them.

I'm not sure why you think I don't have any stamina, but that's ok. I'm curious as to why doing 120 squats will help you climb a ladder and paint in 25 years and I won't, but whatever. The important thing is you're getting exercise.

PS: I read Pam's testimonial and she has come a long way and has been working hard on herself which is excellent. No one is saying this class doesn't give you fitness gains. We'll have to agree to disagree about it being the best possible scenario, however.
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I have been going to BODY PUMP for about 3 years and while I LOVE the class- I have seen better results in my 2 weeks w/a trainer than 3 yrs in the classes... My trainer has me focusing on 2-3 muscle groups a day. For example Monday was quads and glutes and I worked the hell out of them for about 45 mins and they have been sore all week but they do not get worked again (other than as a secondary muscle group- ie when doing hamstrings the glutes are working too, get it?) until next week- better for recovery & growth. At least that is how I understand it...

I am excited to go back to body pump as a maintainance program but for ultimate results I am sticking to this plan for now.

But I also agree that dong something that you LOVE is just as important as doing something that is effective. 'Cause if you HATE it you're more likely to quit and that's not good. If you love it and feel good w/it then I say stick with it and ROCK IT OUT! : D
I've shyed away from this because I've got a lot of weight to lose - do you think it's something I could do?
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If you have bad knees, is it not a good class... the squats and lunges are hard.  Actually folks with bad knees and older folks usually do shallow squats and lunges.  Some us disagree about the wisdom of multiple 90-degree squats on old knee joints. You blow out a knee and your done for. So even though instructors might encourage this, we just ignore them.  One very fit 70-year-old has bad knees  from years of running, so he leaves the class for the lunge and squat tracks and uses an exercise bike for a few minutes, then returns. I've seen others either leave the class, or do something entirely different, if they have physical limitations that don't allow them to do a certain part of the class. One class mate has neck issues, so she doesn't use a bar on shouders, but hugs a plate instead. If you have a problem with a particluar exercise, a good instructor will suggest other options.

Where I live there is a high percentage of overweight people, so the majority of people in our class are overweight.  There are a few very overweight people who take this class.  Like 250 pound women, a short 300 pound man. The man, God love him, actually does the combat classes (highly aerobic). 

The pump class, more than any other, is really geared for you to work at your own pace, because you pick the weights.  So if you are heavy, when you do squats, you are moving more body weight, you need less weight on the bar... though one heavy woman was quite strong and could do very heavy weights.  They encourage you to pick your options... and that includes squats and lunges with no weights.  You can do push-ups on toes, on knees,  on knees off the bench. .. you do what you can do.

I would just observe a class first, see if there are any same-size people doing it. See also if this particular gym is supportive and welcoming of obese people  in general. Mine very much is. You might also discuss this with your doctor, if you are unsure. You might decide you will do other mild exercise first, lose some weight, and work up to this class.

If you try a class, believe them when they say go super light the first classes. You will use muscles you didn't know you had, and you will likely be quite sore. But you will never be that sore again.

One caveat. I notice that many people appear to be relying solely on exercise as a means to weight loss. I've been going to this gym for almost 2 years, and have seen a lot of bodies that didn't change in that time, some people do not appear to challenge themselves.... like deluding themselves that attending a class and barely moving will do something for them.  The class is only as good as what you put into it. It burns calories, but not as many as an aerobics-type class.  In general, I think it is true of gym-goers,  that they might reward themselves with some food treat after their workout.  Ultimately, weight-loss is 75% about the foods you eat. A pump class might burn 300 calories... equals a medium size muffin. So it might take an hour to burn 300 calories and two minutes to eat 300 calories.  The difference between aerobic and weights, is that with weights, you burn extra calories longer after the class is over. It is the sort of class where people lose dress sizes, but not always pounds...  meaning people must be building some muscle.

Do read the testamonials on my gym website, especially Pam and Leslie.  Go to
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