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I found Slim  in  6  to be great for toning, it is not dreadfully hard to do. I did the 6 weeks and found my self toned!  I looked great, I did the Slim and Six pack daily too which made my abs look decent.  I have not done this in about 2 years now but would love to start it again, that is if i can get my girls to nap at the same time!  Anyone doing it, or about to start it?  I am ready for the 6 week challenge.  I am eager to start but fear not following through... I know it works!  I have seen results firsthand!  I need a buddy!
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Hi Everyone!

I just ordered my dvd's last night, I am so excited for them to come in. I have 7th month old son, so I think it is time to get working on my post baby weight plus some extra lbs. Just wondering, I have quit alot of weight to loose. combined with a healthy diet is it good for weight lose of just toning? 

hi marie_0907 

I just wanted to wish you could luck. I am in the same bout. In the last 3 years I have put on Alot of lbs, and that was befor baby.  While I pregnant I put on an extra 50lbs! I am now within about 15lbs pre-baby.  I know some things have gotta change. I saw the info commercial last night and ordered it. I've seen it before decided to go for it. Just want to let you know your not alone, and I wish you the best of luck.

I'm actually quite jealous of all the people who have lost weight/inches with Slim in 6. I've been on the program for the past 8 weeks and have not lost weight nor inches. Even with doing the Cardio in the morning and BIU in the early evening. I have gained muscle, that much I can tell. I feel better after; however, I don't look any better or any different than when I first started. My husband says otherwise, but really, I think he's just saying to be nice.

 Hey Everyone!

I just ordered my DVD's, so they should be here within the week. I can't wait to get started! I used to be in great shape in high school, running cross country and playing basketball. But then I went to college and a steady diet of pizza, soda, and no sleep have added a good 60lbs. I'm getting married in one year, and I desperately want to get back in shape and feel the way I did when I was in shape. I'm afraid that if I don't get in shape now, I'll get married and start having kids, and the weight will just keep piling on. If I can get it under control now, then it won't be as difficult later.

Anyway, I can't wait to get started, you guys seem like a great group!


I'm new to the community and would like to know if anyone has the calendar & 6 day express meal plan, that can email it to me? I purchased the DVD's @ a yard sale but no other info came with it. Thanks!!!

i found both in my case.  i am back on the program as of TODAY!

i started this post forever ago and after another baby and numerous failed attempts i am back to counting calories and the dvds!

i found the toning part to be exactly what i needed to give me back the body i missed.

Hello all,

I was wondering if I could join you all in doing Slim in Six? I could really use some daily motivation.


 I think I'm gonna join you too.  I need to get back into shape this year.  Slim in six has never failed me it really does pay off to stick with it.. Though I got to admit I have relapsed in my maintenance.

I'm waiting for it to arrive by mail along with the slimming formula.  I had to reorder it since I misplaced a cd and some of the booklets.  I think some things in the food ladder thingamig have been changed or added since i last ordered it, which was a few years back.

Just remember, it's just one day at a time and before you know look amazingly hot!  I'm pumped and ready to start. Smile

Its nice to hear that it has never failed you. I am trying to keep up with it. So far I have lost 6 pounds. I am not using the slimming formula, does that help? I really need to get back to a happy weight. It would be awesome to be able to wear the other half of my closet again!


I just started SI6 yesterday and im feeling the burn in my thighs today.. I would love to join the group and see how everyone is doing? Is there some place else you need to join or do we just post progress on here? Hope you hear from yall soon!

zamzam, I feel your pain!  :o)  I am on the 5th week of the program and I've lost 3 lbs. and 1 inch in my waste, but gained an inch in my thighs. :o(  I feel more muscular, but I don't look any different.

Not exactly the change I was expecting...

This program is tough, and it doesn't seem worth it for these small results.  I got better results running on a treadmill 30-45 min 3 days a week.  I think I'll go back to that....

Hello everyone!

Today is offically day#12 of my SI6 5 with Ramp it up! And I have gone down 6lbs since starting! WOW! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to eat? The guide included with the DVDs is NOT specific enough to make me happy...haha, and as a full time college student, teachers aide at a preschool...I need help!

Thanks everyone!

Hello all. Today my SI6 is suppose to arrive. I can 't wait to get started. This week I've been doing my walk-at-home video with Leslie Sansome and she's great too. I haven't seen any results this week from her video so I am looking forward to the SI6. Good luck to all.

hey! i ordered my slim in 6 a couple of days ago so i should be getting it 20 yrs old 5 ft 1 in and in the past two years have gained 20 pounds so my current weight is 143 :( .. my boyfriend proposed and we are having our engagement in april so i want to be down by atleast one size by then (im a size 4 jeans--2 goal) ..

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Hi. Im just starting slim in 6. Bought mine at a yardsale. Anyone have the calendar and meal plan that they could email me?? I didn't get one. Not in the case or anything.

I'm really excited to get started. I hope it really works. I seem to have issues, as I gain weight really quickly. Im going to be 23 in september. I used to be 5'8" and 135 pounds when I first started college. That was only 3 years ago. Now Im 178 pounds and I feel horrible. I would give anything to get back down to my old weight.

I've been going to the gym with my boyfriend, but Im worried about getting bulky. We do some weight lifting and then by the time I go to do cardio, Im exhausted and only end up doing like 20 mins of cardio. So I know Im gaining muscle but not burning much fat.

Im hoping that you're all okay with me joining in. I know Im going to need motivation for sure!

I also own the Slim in 6 program. I'm already dieting and restricting (to appropriate amounts) my daily calories and portion sizes. I also have been exercising, and I'm thinking about re-starting my Sin6 program.

I'm starting the slim in 6 program today and am exited about it. I've already been following a diet plan for a couple of weeks and have lost 7lbs. I'm a full-time college student and work also, so I may need some motivation. Good luck to all!

Saw the infomercial this morning.  Thinking about getting it, but havn'e t done it yet.  I just turned 40, 5'7, pushing 200 lbs.  Marriage getting a bit dull, as we have both packed on the pounds.  I have 2 kids, 13 and 10, who keep me behind the wheel, but not very active.

Looking for a good system, and support to keep me going.  Any takers?

Hey... I'm 34 and I also have 2 kids (9 and 12). I feel like a chauffeur during the school year! LOL. I have been doing the start it up workout every other day for a week. On the days in between I do 20 mins. cardio, 20 mins. weights, and 20 mins. stretching, flexibility and balance. I find the best time for me is just about 1st thing in the morning... I just jumped in and started. Now my energy level is SO much better! If you want to keep in touch and swap ideas, support, etc. We can definately do that! Laughing

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