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I found Slim  in  6  to be great for toning, it is not dreadfully hard to do. I did the 6 weeks and found my self toned!  I looked great, I did the Slim and Six pack daily too which made my abs look decent.  I have not done this in about 2 years now but would love to start it again, that is if i can get my girls to nap at the same time!  Anyone doing it, or about to start it?  I am ready for the 6 week challenge.  I am eager to start but fear not following through... I know it works!  I have seen results firsthand!  I need a buddy!
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Hey Everyone! - Everyone looks like they're doin pretty great! 

Aly - We started on the same day so we're both on the same track.  RIU is definately getting much easier but I still struggle with leg exercise on all fours (works the butt).  My butt just doesn't want to cooperate! ;)  the six pack does kick butt.  I try to do it on my off days or on days that I have a soccer game.  It's a great addition to the game since the full workout would be way too much.  When do you go on your trip?

I usually try to eat a bananna after the workout.  On more strenuous days its a high protein cereal bar or shake.  C-yall later time to do my RIU for today!  :)
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I just ordered mine this morning!!!  I cannot wait till next week when it arrives!!  I will definitely be posting here and joining y'all! 
yay jamie, good for you! you will love it.

did my biu again today. starting to feel really good about it. hamstrings still feeling nutty! the lunge portion is getting easier.

is anyone doing anything else during this slim in 6 challenge? going to the gym? cardio? additional strength training? iwas just wondering. as i go through the program my body is going to start to adjust. should i add something to rev it up?

p.s. this is my favorite topic since i have joined cal count. all of us doing slim in 6 "together" it has me really motivated! :)
sweet_tart: Well, I'm from Romania, in Europe. I've never ever heard about Gatorade (being an ex-comunist country, some of the products you are sooo used to did not enter the market). In the fitness clubs I may find some small envelopes with some sort of a dust containing l-carnitine, you mix the dust with water and you get a beverage suitable for your training. I think this is the closest thing we have to "sports water" (btw: thx for the links). Strange thing though, the market is full with energy drinks.... In terms of hot chocolate I also have a problem: I did not see in our stores fat free cocoa. LOL. I'll try to be creative. I already started with some very good vitamins and I think I will stick to half a banana after the workout (I imagine, we have the same definition of THAT - LOL. Or go for half of a "fiber bar" designed to help you loose weight....

Today I'll start RIU...SIU seems ...too easy now. Have fun girls!
christin- we are going to Punta cana in May!  I have pleny of time to get in bathing suit condition (hope I dont get pregnant before then! haha)  that butt part is killer, I skip out on that most times because my knees can't tolerate it.   After I finish I try to get in the MLO protein shake within 20 minutes. I didnt do the protein after the workouts when I first did SI6 a few years back. 

jamie- you have tons of support here.  welcome to the club!

taylorn24- i agree that is my fav post to read and I am not saying that just because I went out on a whim and posted it a few weeks back!  You are all the most inspiring people I have never met... doesnt that sound funny!  I am trying to get a sitter for a few days a week so I can get to the gym and do some light weights and run at least a mile on the treadmill... also the gym has tanning.. i know, i know...  it is bad for me but it always seems to make me feel better/look better.  i dont go overboard believe me... just like that little glow. 

monix- Wow we have gone global!   it must be difficult to compare our drinks/foods when things seem quite different there.  Bananas... yes we have those too!  haha  RIU!  Go for it! 
I started RIU today and actully did great! I found it much more fun that SIU was. The kicking during the squats was awesome! The butt part is a killer but I found a trick that works for me... Switch legs everytime she switchs what you do (point to flex etc.) then when she goes onto the next leg do the oppisite, it give your leg some rest inbetween w/o skipping anything. Good luck !!! -body-fat-test-2774-143.html?#accurate

I found this to be very insightful about my body fat %, it is quite accurate. 

using your body measurements/weight it can break down what % is water/bone and muscle mass and what% is fat. 

I always needed to be taped when I was in the military because I always fell about 3-5 lbs over the maxium allowance for my height.  I never knew the heck they were doing when they said I had to be "taped".  After the "tape" I was never penalized for being overweight as some people were put on restrictions and extra PT.  This link explained it all.  Now I know!  Knowing is half the battle!  Right??  haha

did my RIU for today!  ate a great lunch, protein packed!  had to avoid the carbs for lunch because I ate a deli bagel for breakfast, it was huge... oops like almost 400 calories.. eww! 
Finally a full routine of BIU last night! ^_^v

monix - Today I'll start RIU...SIU seems ...too easy now. Have fun girls! ~ You go, girl! ^_^b Wow romania! Talk about global, I am from Indonesia myself.

taylor - I do go to gym and have my cardio fill (elliptical or TM) sometimes SS cardio sometimes HIIT. One thing I learned..... You just CAN'T do or won't have enough energy to do BOTH cardio at the gym plus BIU....
Other than that, I still work on my own strength training (with free weights - lunges, squats, arms) when I still have enough energy left or on my solo cardio days. I am going to mix in my SI6 with some other routine .. um ... like TurboJam (*duck for cover from thrown bananas*) :p

aly - yeah, my knees are the main issue in enduring the floor workouts. I don't want to injure myself so I take a breaker here and there during. Instead of the tanning salon, try the self tanning lotion. I like the Biotherm the ones you can use for face and body (you just gotta be running around neked for a while while it dries LOL). Even after a natural tan in the sun, I still use a light overall to give it a nice glow and bronze tint. These stuff great to even out the tan-tone & since not all of us are blessed with good natural tan color.

waterphoenix - good idea about switching legs during floor workouts! And if you like kickin around, wait till you get to BIU ;)

Welcome aboard, jamie ^_^/
here is what I learned about my body fat for a female 28 y/o 145lbs, 38" hips, 14.5" calves, 22.5" thighs, 6.5" wrist

Results:   21.6% body fat.  (could be worse!)

30.5 lbs of fat (yuck)

114.5 of lean muscle, water and bone
Unless the caliper measurements I had with a trainer is way off, the result of the measurement test of that website doesn't work for me.

I think this method is good for when the fat distribution is pretty even all over the body. Same goes with most electronic measurements. Because I had mine tested with the electronic and it shows result from 22% to 26%. The website gave me 24%. The caliper test gave me 18.7%... LOL all over the place huh.
On the other hand, my sis have almost on the dot measurement with caliper and the electronic test. :) Oh well, as long as I can still fits in my pants ^_^
so, i think today is supposed to be my day off from slim in 6? since i already did 6 days. but i really want to do it! i feel like i was lazy not doing it. and i def have enough energy. hmmmm, what to do, what to do? i know my body needs to rest...ahhhh, idk!
i went ahead and did slim in 6! i just felt lazy not doing any kind of workout today. and i felt pumped and energized to do it, why not save my day off for when i am feeling sluggish! off to put the baby to bed and take a shower. it's already 11:00pm!
Well, I did my first RIU yesterday and I am a little surprised....I was expecting some muscular pain or something, I expected to be more difficult that it was... Don't get me wrong! It was not easy, but it was not VERY hard either! It seems my muscles are getting used with the type of movements. I don't know about you, but I hated the last part (the yoga one). I would rather do 10 more mins of abs or whatever ....

sweet_tart, aly: LOL.... It seems the World is not big enough...

taylorn: thx for posting your decision about the 7th day. I have to take a break tomorrow too and I was already thinking 'so soon?". I'll just do the exercise like I always do... and save the free day for later!
I forgot to tell you about my little victory! Yesterday I was checking out an evening gowns store. I've seen a beautiful dress, size 18 (my usual size) and I was looking at it. The shop attendant came and told me: "Unfortunately this dress is too big for you and we have only this one. You should look at our 14 size dresses, or maybe 16, even though 16 might be too bog too." You can imagine how I felt! I think Si6 is to blame, even though I'm doing it only from last Saturday! This thread might not be the proper one for this story, but I really wanted to share it with you....
Thanks for sharing your story Monix. I don't know about the rest of the group, but I think this is the prefect place to post it. I love to here people's success stories because they are so motivating. It's even better when the story is about the program that we are all following. So let me be the first to say... CONGRATULATIONS!!!
monix!  that's great!  isn't it a wonderful sense of accomplishment  when someone else notices!  And that is what this Slim In 6 forum is for... our strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments...  and what ever else you want to share with your new found friends!

Funny you both say that about taking a "day off"  I swore Tuesdays would be my day off but now I just keep pressing at it, leaving that "off day" for my "I am way too tired to function" day! 

I am so happy for everyone! I am so proud of myself!  I am so proud of each of YOU! 
Good job everyone!  I am so impressed with those of you that are completing it 7 days in a row, I can barely get it in six days in a row! ;)  Just a thought though....don't push too hard, it's is beneficial for your muscles to rest so that way they don't get too accustomed to the workouts and stop burning as much.  Maybe throw in a walk with the kids or a little bit of cardio or the stomach workout instead that way you still feel accomplished.

Speaking of which do any of you have any input on whether or not I should complete my workout before or after dinner.  I normally do it after dinner because I think that it is better but I definately start to die down as far as energy.  I was thinking maybe if I complete the workout before dinner it wouldn't be so hard to get it done.  If it has a negative impact on my workout to eat afterward I don't want to do it.  Any thoughts?
waterphoenix, alydaven: Thank you very much! I feel even better now due to your congrats!

chrisjeff: I am doing the workout after dinner too. I am trying to finish dinner by 19.00 (to have at least 3 hours until the bed time). Since I am back from work around 18.00, getting a shower and bla-bla plus 1 hr of Si6 (let's say) plus shower after that it means I will start eating around 20.00...much too late! So I eat around 18.30 and around 20.00 I start my routine. By then the loss of energy due to proccessing food is already gone. In addition to that, I read somewhere that Si6 has the characteristics of forcing the body to burn calories even AFTER you finished the routine. And I want to make sure those calories are from my fat within the body, not from my dinner...Unfortunately, I don't remember where exactly I read this.. Hope this comments is useful to you...
Yay monix - I see u fill out your profile ^^ And isn't it feel good when you get unsolicited compliments like tht? I used to have to tell most sales person who tried to sell me size 0, when I actually need at least 1 size bigger! :S Well, this morning my husband came up to me and said "you know you look better & better in jeans now" *^^*

chrisjeff - i cant even do more than 2 days in a row either. Yesterday was my ST day (Strength Training) plus HIIT. Today I will continue BIU. Strange though, on days like this, I feel like I don't work it out enough. :)

As far as exercising before or after dinner, it depends on your routine. I come home around 5:30p-6p. I don't shower, just change straight into workout gear and workout. But I always make sure to have snack in the late afternoon to fuel my workout session. I finish workout in 1-1.5hrs, then either shower first, or cook dinner & eat first - depending how famish I will be by then. So dinner for me is really late, like 8:30 or even 9pm. By then I usually don't snack anymore unless I stayed up late.
I am about to head out to work at 7pm  not looking forward to staying up all night!

I packed some snacks, was able to save some calories for the LONG NIGHT!  carrots, hummus, special k bar, and plenty of tea bags!  oh and my handy dandy water bottle! 

I went to the gym today and did a little over a mile run, some light weights for upper body, and came home and talked myself into doing a modified RIU.  I didnt do the resistance band part or the pilets (however u spell it, u know what i mean!)  but other than that I completed it with my six pack routine.

ahh feels good!   remember to update all the SI6 gals with a post so we can continue to root each other on!  I am here for you! 
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