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I found Slim  in  6  to be great for toning, it is not dreadfully hard to do. I did the 6 weeks and found my self toned!  I looked great, I did the Slim and Six pack daily too which made my abs look decent.  I have not done this in about 2 years now but would love to start it again, that is if i can get my girls to nap at the same time!  Anyone doing it, or about to start it?  I am ready for the 6 week challenge.  I am eager to start but fear not following through... I know it works!  I have seen results firsthand!  I need a buddy!
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OK.....I'm really motivated now that I've read some of your results! I own the program but just never got started.

Thanks for the PUSH!!

Good luck to everyone!
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Whitetigress, thanks, at least I don't feel like I'm doing this for nothing, and I think I understand that I'm building muscle and losing some inches, so the scale should not be my gauge of how well I'm doing.  I have ab jam, and am supplementing that with SI6, so I should just push play and shut up ;o) and be a little more patient.  Thanks for the response, it did make me feel much better.
Hi everyone! Just started SI6 two days ago, and it is kicking my butt! I haven't really worked out in three years- aside from walking the dogs- and I'm so weak! I can barely hold my arms up for more than a few seconds at a time.  But, I can see how this will work- in fact, I'm positive it will, as long as I stick to it.  I'm going to try RIU today, and see how it goes.

I'm also doing the accompanying meal plan, just because I have no problem eating right it someone tells me exactly what to do, and this way I don't have to take the time of coming up with my own plans.  Plus, it means I'm changing from a high-carb, higher-calorie (1500 net), healthy diet, to a low-carb, lower-calorie (1200 net) diet; maybe the shock alone will make me drop a few lbs.  I probably won't stay on it past the length of the program, although it's so easy, and I don't feel hungry, so we'll see.

I'm excited about this. I think it will be fun, and if I see results in as soon as 1-2 weeks, I'll be even more motivated!
Hey, I was just wondering how often are you supposed to do Slim & 6 Pack? Is it okay to do it every day? Because I've heard that the abdominals recover faster than other muscles in your body, and therefore they don't need a day of rest. Any response would be appreciated. :)
Hi... I've had Slim in 6 forever :) I've been looking at it for the past 2 weeks... I was thinking of going ahead with Start it Up! for up to 2 weeks then going to the last disc (not sure whether it's burn it up or ramp it up) for the remainder of 4 weeks. Did anyone try this yet? It's been..... 2 years since I've last used it so not exactly confident here. I also was thinking of coupling it up with a diet from Woman's World in the August 14th issue, where supposedly you'll lose up to 9lbs a week following their diet (it's almost like south beach without the restrictons on bread and etc.) Lastly, reading all these posts have kickstarted my motivation to do SI6 as soon as I get home from work. :) Good luck to you all 

I was just thinking about that also. For me, I would do it after every session because you are still burning fat. I also read Alydaven's post (the very first post and the one who started this thread) s/he said s/he did it daily, so apparently it's ok. Or if you prefer, you can do all the extras (Slim & 6 pack, Limber, etc) on your day off. :) Hope this helps.

amandie: Thanks for the reply! I'm not doing the entire Slim in 6 program though because I prefer to get my cardio by swimming in my pool or rollerblading. I don't like doing the tapes because I can't do alot of the moves like squats because of a knee problem. But I'm just using Slim & 6 Pack and Slim & Limber as toning/flexibility. Anyways! Thanks alot though, that helped. Off I go to workout my abs! Lol :)
I am getting ready to order the Slim by 6 program and found this discussion helpful.  Last year I had lost 35 down to about 140 (my goal was 125) but in February, my parents health declined, and lots of other stressors (assisted living, Alzheimers in my mother etc..) and I fell off the wagon (was doing weight training 2x/week and aerobics 3x/week)  and began emotional eating and have regained the weight..not to mention having to cancel my gym membership due to financial constraints caused by having to help my parents.  I am hoping that I can stick with this program.  I am looking for an "accountability" partner (female) who is also getting ready to start this program.  I will start as soon as the DVD's arrive.
Well today is my offical day one of SIS. I did try the workout sunday, the SIU and thought it was too easy and started questioning if I wasted my money but today I tried RIU and I could feel that working so I will use that instead of SIU for the first few days. Still skeptical. How soon will I notice changes in myself?

Well since you're gonna do RIU and depending on your weight and body type... You could see the changes as little as in 2 weeks or less. I did the SI6 program and I lost about 25lbs along with 2 dress sizes following the program step by step. I also noticed an good amount of (not major) difference going from BIU to RIU in my body in the last 2 weeks when I did the program from before. So you might have your preferred results. Hope that helps :) Every body is different, I wish you the best of luck!
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Hi! This is actually my first post. I had completed one round of Slim-in-6 and loved the results. I started my resolution to lose weight in Mid March this year, and had lost about 8lbs just on eating better, plus I was doing cardio exercise on my own at least 3x a week. Then I hit a plateau. I started Slim-in-6, and within the first 2 weeks, I lost another 4 lbs!! My starting weight on slim-in-6 was 129lbs and now I'm at 125lbs. Weight loss is not the only thing - you see your body toned and you tush firmer too! I dropped 1-2 dress sizes I used to wear a size 8, now 4-6 depending on the brand.

Though, negative is the exercises can get boring after awhile as you do the same thing on a daily basis. I've started P90X another program with BB, and glad that I did Slim-in-6 because it did help me prepare for P90X.

Good Luck!!
I am thinking about purchasing the program.  Good or bad investment.  I saw that someone mentioned fasting???  HOW LONG?  Please give me all the pros and cons you can.  Thanks guys. 
I read this forum and purchased Slim for 6 from Amazon while reading it. XD I joined this community just to post here! It should be arriving soon and I throughly look foreward to starting getting my butt kicked. I need to buy a measuring tape from Wal*Mart tonight and I'll measure before exercising that first day.

I'm 189.5 pounds (with food in me. <3), 5'6", 20 years old and I'm... Just really tired of being unable to fit in that size 12 pair of jeans I wore in High School. I want to be toned and cute. I know my target weight on the calender via profile says 136 but. -=shrugs=- If I can fit into that skirt...

Just have to say, you ladies motivated me to get moving. :3 Thank you.
I just bought Slim in Six and i am about to start but there are a few things that confuse me. I plan on following the meal plans and all of the supplements except for the slimming formula. I am just confused as to how you incorporate the whey protein shakes and the meal replacement shakes. It is all drawn out for you in the 6 day express plan, but it is very vague as to where you should include your supplements throughout the run of Slim in 6. Any info would be greatly appreciated! I also am curious to know whether or not many of you have done/are doing the program with or without the meal plan and supplements? Also, what is up with the 2 day fast??? Thanks so much! Anyone just getting ready to start? i want to start monday and would love to have a virtual for work out buddy for motivation!
hey guys, i'm new to si6. i downloaded the dvds, but i don't have the calander for the workouts, can anyone tell me what the schedule looks like?

Hi lambisami, check my profile for summary and timeline for SI6. Keep in mind to do the routine at your own pace. Don't get too hung up with the "6" weeks deal. IMHO if you do each segment as much as you can until you are comfortable with it before you go on to the step, you can reap more benefit/result. It will be more than 6 weeks probably but you set yourself for a safer progress. And as results vary for each individual, with freeing yourself from the 6 weeks idea, you set yourself away from a short term goal and get your mind set ready for the long term and maintainable life style change which will guarantee result.
Hey you guys! I'm seriously thinking about buying SI6, but I'm wondering if it will work for me because I'm a teen (14). Do you think I'll get results too? I'm mostly looking to lose inches, not weight. If I do get it, I'll probably do it for about 2 and a half weeks, so I should get results, right?

Feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!
Hey guys! Look, I wanted to try SI6 until I found posts online which say that it's extremely boring. But what really concers me is that they also so say it's pretty tough on the knees. I have bad knees and always must be careful what types of exercise I do. Has anyone else had this problem? `o` Thanks.
Yoliechula- It's boring yes, but a mp3 player or a lightweight cd player always helps! :) ... As for knees, it CAN be tough but you will as I did, have to practice putting all the weight on your thighs whenever you squat... there are plies, squats, and etc, but in the dvd there is a lady who does it lightly or a modified exercise if you can't follow debbie.

hope that helps a bit!
Arg! I bought the CDs from Amazon and it's been ten days. I want them now.

Man, I'm impatiant. I'd be happier if I could get in contact with the buyer though - there's no way to do it! Seriously, wtf? Even eBay lets you message the seller. Now I just feel like a lump of yucky flesh because Tae Bo is boring as anything and I can only sing and run on the elliptical so much.
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