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I found Slim  in  6  to be great for toning, it is not dreadfully hard to do. I did the 6 weeks and found my self toned!  I looked great, I did the Slim and Six pack daily too which made my abs look decent.  I have not done this in about 2 years now but would love to start it again, that is if i can get my girls to nap at the same time!  Anyone doing it, or about to start it?  I am ready for the 6 week challenge.  I am eager to start but fear not following through... I know it works!  I have seen results firsthand!  I need a buddy!
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not affiliated with either... just sharing some info...

here's a link to the slim in 6 online... mp;itemType=CATEGORY&path=1,2,21

looks like a fun workout!

here's an overview of the slim in 6 program (except note that they push ediets... as an alternative... so take it with a grain of salt ;)

Okay gals... My Day 2 is done!!!!  I did it at 6am when I rolled my butt in the door from work (third shift)... I told myself  "do it now and then you won't have to do it later"  the bonus was the girls were sleeping... no distraction! 

Let me tell you my thighs are feeling it!  I can barely go up/down the stairs... but that is a good thing!  Since I did it before I know not to let this discourage me from continuing... No Pain, No Gain... or loss in this arena! 

Lots of stretching...  I didnt care to much for the stretch on the DVD, what do you think?  I love the Slim and Six Pack though.  I am doing that daily in addition to my Start it Up.  What was cool about it when I did it a few years back was that my hubby (A Marine) would do the ABs with me before we went to bed... he thought it was tough!  haha 

If you haven't tried the Six Pack give it a whirl, I think it is only 11 min. and you are on your back the whole time, get your spouse to join in!  Good Luck

You can do... if I can do it, we all can!  Let me know how it goes!

Hey ladies,

Not feeling sore at all from yesterdays workout.  I am sure that I will tomorrow.  It's so cold out here today -40 brrrr.  I will have lots of time to do todays workout.


i double checked my SI6 book, and the first two days are Start it up, then got to Ramp it up till week three.  Week three start with Burn it up.


My hubby tried to do the six pack video too last time i did SI6 and he couldn't do it either.  I love watching him struggle lol i know thats not nice but at least i can beat him at something in fitness.  I am proud of you doing your SI6 after a long shift.  GOOD JOB!!!!!

Good job everyone,

Good job ladies! ^.^b

I went back to RampItUp! last night.
Think will move on to BurnItUp afterall ^^; yeah.. a whooping a$$ for 60 minutes!!

Allison - that's a good idea. May be I show the 6packs one to my husband. He thought the idea of exercising to the DVD is kinda .. um.. too lady-like LOL

I was actually on Start It Up for at least 1 week worth (about 7 times). I just want to make sure that I really master it, really comfortable with the sets. It does make a difference when you move on to the next step of the DVD.

You get to get your balance when the pace is slower (Start & Ramp). And learn the correct form so you wont hurt yourself, especially during lunges, squats, & pliees.

Yes, the pace do get faster and faster. When I first tried Burn it Up, it was almost all I could do to keep up and breathe! :p hehee I sux ^^;

All right! Tonight is another SI6!! Who's with me!!!
Thanks Dianna! 

oh and thanks for the post of the schedule... i forgot how it went!  I have the DVD's out but the box and info it came with are still packed from when we moved!  It is rather empowering to be better than the guys!  heehee 

I am proud of you! 
united, wanna try SI6? ~.^ hee hee

I got the DVD from ebay. And I think CC diet is as good as any out there if not better.
Yeah, don't get swayed by the promise of quick result. Everyone is different - different shape, fitness, etc etc. Just keep at it, and you will see changes. if anything, this is a fun and easy enough workout to follow & beats rushing to gym! :)
Allison,  I'm not too fond of the stretch segament on slim in 6 either.  I try to alter my own stretches at times but I do know that the stretches on the video have a lot to do with Yoga poses which not only streches you but also helps build leaner muscles.
Thanks Dianna! I have to be honest...I didn't do it last night...Our neighbours popped by and stayed till like 10:00pm.  I was WAY too tired to start a work out then.

However...I am still on a mission! He!he! 

I will have to be a couple of days behind you all as my mission is to start my 6 weeks tomorrow!!!  (I would start tonight but I have some girls coming over for a fondue after work and know there will be some wine involved!!)

Excuses, excuses...I know.

I'll let you all know how I do over the weekend. 

What is SI6?


What is SI6? = Slim In 6. It is a workout DVD by BeachBody. See post #21 for link.

SIU = Start It Up
RIU = Ramp It Up
BIU = Burn It Up
Then it has additional segments for abs, & stretch. name's happens to be easier to abbreaviate :) Sorry for the confusion.
ok, didn't get to do it yesterday, but I made it up this morning. Burn it Up! 60min *whew* By the time she hits the crunches. I can barely do it. (crunches are my weakness ^^; )
i find that when they get to the abs/crunches of ramp/burn it up  I turn it off and go right to Slim and Six Pack, I like that 11 min targeted routine better, it adds a few more minutes to the session, thats just me...
Thanks for the tip Allison! I will try that for sure!

Ok, did BIU yesterday and today my body feeling sore. ^_^;;
Okay gals... I'm in too. I've done it before and it really is an awesome workout routine that works. The resistance bands are so effective. Admittedly, BIU was tough for me before and I didn't exactly finish the 6 weeks. BUT... I didn't have a whole group of encouraging people who were all doing it as well, either. So I'll give it a whirl again. It's looking like Maryland will never see a winter, lol, so it feels like it'll be tank top season before I know it! So my start date is tomorrow, I figured a Monday was a good idea... wish me luck ( I hate those damn lunges!) :)
Hi nycawfeefrl! :) You can do it! We all here to encourage each other.
Hi nycawfeegrl

Slim in 6 is getting a following here!  Welcome aboard.  I am going for day 5 today, havent done it yet.  My husband actually told me to wait til he got home because he wants to try it!  haha  I think he wants to see if the lunges really make people scream and curse like they make me do! 

Great time to start it up, and finish the six weeks, you have lots of backers here!  I am measuring and do before and after shots today. 

No winter here in RI either.  I want snow just one good storm for my daughters.  My 3 year old thought that once we bought the snowsuit and boots it would snow the next day!   That was two months ago... waste of money! heehee

As I remembered from before the legs are not as sore after day 4  and getting through the DVD is getting easier! 
Hi alydaven!

There sure does seem to be quite a few people interested in Slim in 6 now.... thanx for sparking our interest and getting so much of us on the bandwagon! Congrats thus far on powering through to Day 5! I'm about to do SIU in a few minutes, and I think I might do it for 3 or 4 days rather than just 2 like they suggest. Then I'll do RIU for 2 weeks and BIU for the remaining 4.

LOL... even though it is a fun and effective workout, I'm glad to hear you hate the lunges too... they can be brutal!

Yeah, from what I remember as well, the legs just stay sore for a couple of days. Still, at a mere 5'0", wearing heels is a MUST... otherwise my students would all be taller than me! So tomorrow at work should be interesting, to say the least.

As much as I'd like to see spring in a hurry, my sister is a climatologist and she says that--have no fear-- winter IS on its way!

Again, best of luck to all the Slim in 6ers.... our sexy bodies and skinny jeans are right around the corner :)
YAY... just did DAY 1 of SIU! Man, you really feel how effective those squats are :) I forgot that SIU was only approx. 40 min or so.... I'm gonna move on to RIU on Day 3 as suggested. I miss the resistance bands and the half jacks!

Oh yeah... I'm adding some of you Slim in 6ers to my friends list... good for support :)
Good Job nycawfeegrl! The length of the workout is gonna get longer ! That means spending more time with Debbie ^_^ hehe

Take your time and do it at your own pace. I adidn't follow the time table; actually stay at SIU for a week, 5 times. Just to make sure I am comfortable and won't hurt myself in the next step.

I also got Debbie's Thinner Thighs Guarantee (tht's what got me started) So if you want more leg workouts, Can add that routine. Short, only 8 minutes, but you can definitely FEEL it! ~.^

aly, so cool that your husband wanna join you! I wish mine is more receptive :/
BTW, How is everyone doing? :)
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