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I found Slim  in  6  to be great for toning, it is not dreadfully hard to do. I did the 6 weeks and found my self toned!  I looked great, I did the Slim and Six pack daily too which made my abs look decent.  I have not done this in about 2 years now but would love to start it again, that is if i can get my girls to nap at the same time!  Anyone doing it, or about to start it?  I am ready for the 6 week challenge.  I am eager to start but fear not following through... I know it works!  I have seen results firsthand!  I need a buddy!
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I have been doing SI6 myself! *grin* :D


Yes, the movement is simple but very focus. Definitely feel it after the workout (or the next day). I just started Burn it Up! last night. @.@ 60min... pace getting faster and challenging. I am thinking about alternating Ramp it Up & Burn it Up.

I am up for being your buddy! We can set a schedule and keep a tab on each other if you want ^_^
Sweet_tart you look great !  I am begging my three year old to nap because I am so motivated to pop in that DVD!  I will keep u posted on my efforts! wish me luck!  I found that I memorized the routine, I turned off Debbie's voice and put on some great dance/techno music.  That made it all the more tolerable/enjoyable!
Cool! I do that too! I even made a playlist to go along with the routine XD (geek..)

So, what which segment you going to do? Start from Start It Up?

I have SI6 too and I just haven't got the motivation to get is started again.  Did it a year or so ago got pregnant again stopped and haven't started.  I am glad to hear that it does do something, hadn't talked to anyone except the people on their website.  I am gonna add you two to my friends list.  We can really encourage eachother now.  I think I am gonna start this afternoon when my youngest two go for their nap.
Holy cow sweet tart, I just looked at your pictures I would love to look like you.  I was skinny once but not that fit.  My hubby doesn't want me to be as skinny as I was before I was a size 3 and i am 5'5 1/2.  He thinks I will have no shape.  I told him that even at the size i was i still had a C cup chest and ass.  I want to be that size again but I want to be fit six pack and all!!!!  Anyways Sweet tart you look great keep up the good work
mudgirl  I just did my Start It Up!   Burning thighs... feels good!

thanks to sweet_tart!

today is Day 1!

Are you with me?
Hi All!

This is great...I have SI6 at home and tried to do it last year but lost motivation!  I think you have all just motivated me to go home and do the workout!!  Alydaven and Mudgirl...I will do it with you...Today is day 1 then!!!  I would love to have your support as workout buddies and try and keep eachother motivated!  I am getting married in November and really want to slim down by then.  I am 5'5 and about 170 lbs.  My short term goal is to lose about 10 lbs by the end of Feb. (Baby steps!) as I will begin the search for my dress!


Hey Meagan  

Awesome!  The Buddy System works!  
Woo Hoo so excited!!!!

Today is day one!!! Going to do my SI6 right away!!!  I am so pumped!!!

Meagan congrats, first off for the wedding!! you can so hit your goals long term and short by the dates you set.
Thanks for your encouragement and support!  Can you just remind me how it works...I do the workout 6 days a week?  I am doing my own "food" thing...trying to follow WW online and count my points!  I hope the with the combination of the 2 I will begin to feel better and see results shortly!

Done!! Yeah you work out 6 days a week.  I belive it's start it up for 2 days, Ramp it up for 2 1/2 weeks and the burn it up for the other 3 weeks.  I am doing my own food thing (LAWL) but double checking on how I am doing on here.  You will start feeling better so quick don't you worry.  Email me if you need anything my address is on my profile.


I have had the SI6 for a couple of years but have never been able to get the motivation to do it keep with it.  I actually started the Start it Up again last night and would love to stay motivated to stick with it and finish the program.  Mind if I join in?

Most certainly you can join!!!!  The more the better.  We can ALL do this!!!  Welcome!!!!

Does anyone have any opinions on SI6 vs The Buff Bride vs Turbo Jam?
All Right!! ^_^b

Ladies, you can also get ticker to track your workout. I think alydaven has started with "how many times this month" you are going to do the workout.

I am copying what united post in other thread coz she is awesome at explaining ^_^ so, the following statements is copyright of united2gether (you rock girl!)

"Go to and set up your exercise ticker.

After you choose the long slide and the little counter, put in minutes, and how many etc and a password.  When you're done on that page, click next... and the last page will give you the "html" code (3 kinds of codes to choose from.  it's the middle one). 

Copy the code from ticker factory so you can paste it into your journal or profile message on calorie count.

How to put it in your journal or your profile on calorie count, you can put in into your journal or profile easily. 
when you do your journal entry or edit your profile on calorie-count, use the last button which is the green

click that.  it will take you to the html part of your journal or profile.  go to bottom (or top) and paste in the html web page code (middle box) from the tickerfactory, then click "hide html".  on the regular screen, drag the ticker picture to wherever you want.
hope this helps...
Does anyone have any opinions on SI6 vs The Buff Bride vs Turbo Jam?

I haven't actually tried those others. I am sure they will work the same. I may like this a whole lot, others may disagree. It comes down to preferrence :) Almost ANYTHING in terms of exercise, as long as you keep to it and be diligent, will give result.
The most important thing to factor-in in choosing any workout routine is your own comfort level, style, and fitness level.
If I may drop additional note or two ^_^:

I did not do SI6 everyday... I combined cardio session in between as well as together with it. If I feel my body need to rest from the workout then I will let it rest and just do cardio.

SI6 especially the first 2 phase will give a good burn to your muscles - thighs and arms. I know we are all eager (love the spirit!) but remember, your muscles need to rest in order to form and recover.

If every day is too much, then do it every other day. The day in between you can do cardio, or other light exercise.

Do it at your own pace, but PUSH a little ~.^ (and we will all keep pushing each other to keep going onward, right?)

When you increase your activity level remember to eat more protein and adjust your calorie intake. Otherwise the workout will just backfire.

Have fun & Good Exercise! ^_^v
Hey All,

I know it's a late evening but I just finished my SI6.  Wow!  I definately need to try to get this done earlier in the day! Thanks sweet_tart for all the great advise!  It's good to learn from those who have been through the experience! 
I can tell from reading all your replies that I will have some great tips to help me with SI6,,,,,I just don't want to burn out from doing too much too soon,,,,,I'm probably not quite as young as most of you all sound,,,,,but I still want to have it all if you know what I mean............I will be starting tomorrow and I am excited to be sore and knowing progress is in the making!!!! I'm sure I will end up an every other day gal at first,,,but I like my treadmill and can use it on the off days...... O also, I am new to this website, How do I add friends to the list?
Alydaven, what is slim in 6 about? I NEED a buddy for my new yrs resolution, I would love to try your "slim in 6". you can email me  Please do
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