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Has anyone actually done 30 days of 30-day shred DVD?

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I've seen many posts of people starting this program and loving it but I couldn't find any posts of people that have actually done the program for 30 days or even for a couple of weeks. I thought of doing it myself but I would like to have some feedback of people who have done this before. Did you lose weight? Toned up? How would you place/rate this DVD program and its 20 min routine among other cardio/strength workouts? Thanks!

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I just did my first one this afternoon.  Of course, I did the 1st level and I had a hard time with the pushups and jumping jacks.  Being 80 pounds overweight doesn't allow me to do these simple exercises easily. Embarassed  BUT, I loved the workout for being so simple.  The only thing I had a hard time with was maintaining form because she moves so fast.  I am committed to doing this for 30 days and I hope to see results.  My goal is to get to level 3 within the next 3 months.  Then I will feel like I have accomplished something!

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Original Post by tls2971:

I just did my first one this afternoon.  Of course, I did the 1st level and I had a hard time with the pushups and jumping jacks.  Being 80 pounds overweight doesn't allow me to do these simple exercises easily. Embarassed 

 Don't worry! I picked this DVD up a while ago, but just started doing it again recently. I'm not overweight and I have a hard time with the push-ups and jumping jacks myself! Especially the push-ups...

Hey I am glad you asked - I have wondered this also.  I have it coming in the mail this week and I am excited to try it for the first time. 

What equipment will I need to have ready for when it arrives?  I plan on doing it in the basement, laminate wood floors - I am sure I'll need something to lay on so I don't pick up any dust bunnies, but any other words of wisdom?

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I haven't done this steadily or long enough to give an opinion. I will say that I did it yesterday and my legs and arms are sore. I don't feel it in my stomach, so I do a seperate 15 minute routine that targets my abs. I like that is goes by quickly and you get some cardio in there too!

You'll just need some hand weights and a floor mat!

l don't really have an opinion on this yet as l just bought my dvd yesterday and when l got home was considering taking it back (serious case of buyer's remorse and lazyness) plus l go to the gym, but seeing that other people are doing this program is motivation for me to give it a try.


A friend from work and I are both on Day 6 level 1.  We plan to do level 1 for 10 days, level 2 for 10 days and level 3 (if we can stand it) for 10 days.  I read the reviews on before buying it.  I am not sure if anyone on that site has actually done it for 30 days but it might be worth looking into.  Also, on the reviews were mostly positive but I am not sure if anyone on Amazon has actually completed the TDS.


I am sure someone in either of those places or on this site has done it.  Hopefully, someone from CC will step up.



I did. Check this out.

I did.  Then I stopped because I went on vacation.  Then  I started back to my Shred DVD yesterday to coincide with the BL premiere.  You can never get too much Jillian.  It works really well when you use it with her Making the Cut book.

I also just got Jillian's Wii Fit game but haven't used it yet...

I have never done 30 days in a row, but i do use the dvd and have seen major results.

I have more muscle tone right now than I ever have. (probably 3-5 days a week for 3 months)  I will warn you that when you start the next level the lbs may go up a little, it always did for me. I think it was due to water retention in my muscles,

But on level 3 she talks about being able to see a 6 pack.. I can't actually see it but it is there. behind the excess skin.  I hope this gives you all hope.

I really enjoy the work out and hope you do too. ( best workout i have ever done)

Just started 30DS...done 2 days in a row (I know.  Whoo.)  Am considering doing it 2-3 times/week, and beginning Couch to 5K the other 3 days.  Want to lose 9 pounds.  Too lazy to do 30 DS AND run on same days...but then again, that's a thought.

I have bought this DVD just before Christmas and have been using it for 2 weeks. But I didn't buy it with the intent on using it every single day. I just wanted something different to add to my routine and to have something to do in my own home, when the snow keeps me from going anywhere or when the gyms are too packed to do anything. I regularly use the elliptical, jog, and strenght train. Just thought the DVD would compliement all of that, which I feel it has.

I have used it 2 - 3 times per week. The improvement I have seen is just being about to complete a whole set of moves with her, instead of taking short breaks here and there. I have tried level 2, which is also great. I haven't even taken a look at level 3. So far I do love it and glad to have bought it.  

How much space do you need to do this?

I have very limited room for exercise in my home. I've been thinking of getting this video, but haven't purchased it yet.

I do mine in a 6 feet by 10 feet area.. sometimes I have to do things sideways in my living room not looking directly at the tv. but not a whole lot of space is required

l am glad that there are people out there who has used this dvd with some success, maybe l should go ahead and break the seal on the package and open the dvd.

Currently, l do 1hour of cardio and 20 to 30min weights at the gym 2 to 3days a week, but on the days that l work 12hour shifts l can't make it to the gym as it closed by the time l get home. My plan is to do this dvd on those days, but if Jillian is saying 6 pack abs in 30days l will do it 5days a week to get a 5pack l'll even settle for a 4 pack.

Okay, so I have definitely seen major results from 30 DS...and yes, I had some major ab results to the point that my lower abs started sticking out like a Ken Doll (yes Ken, not Barbie - kind of that weird V look...but I was shocked...)  It takes me about 5 ft. by 7 ft. to work out.  Prior to my trip to Hawaii, I shredded twice a day - that created the best results fastest and I followed Jillian's MTC diet to the tee.  Needless to say, I was one of the few people in Hawaii who did not want one more bite of Mahi Mahi.

By the way, each level is only 20 minutes, so you get a lot of workout packed into 20 minutes, but she expects you to do the video every day for 30 days straight - no exceptions.  It's a "one month" results program.

OMG the 30 DS is the best work out i have ever done...  I have seen tremendous results.  I had to take a break during the holidays but am starting up again tonight to train with BL season 7!  Jillian rocks and is my complete inspiration!! 

It is imperative to do the shred at least 1x if not 2x per day for the complete 30 days to see maximum results. 


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I have the same question, healthmd. I've been using 2 pound weights also, but I feel like maybe I should at least be using 5.

Does anyone know how much they're using in the video?

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