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Almost blacked out - what does this mean?

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in athletics 2day we ran a lap out on the track, and then we did these stations with step ups, little hurdles, jumproping, lunges, and running stuff, it was really intense. it is really hot and humid outside like always (i live in houston) and this has never happened 2 me b4!we were in a hudle getting ready to break so we could get ready for after school sports, and then i started blacking out and getting really dizzy and nautious, i had 2 sit down once we got inside a few times for a minute and then i was fine (it felt like i was high and i was super happy the rest of practice) i had a normal lunch which is like 250-300 cals and i got through practice fine after school, does any one know why this happened to me 2day???
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could you have been dehydrated?  i live in san antonio, so i know how hot it must have been for you to be doing all that stuff!  i never leave the house here without a bottle of water. 
I would say you were either not getting enough oxygen fast enough, or you were dehydrated ...or a combination of both.  Also, you could of been a victim of heat stroke. 

Best thing is to ensure you're always fully hydrated (take in water before, during and after exercise) and that you don't get overworked in extreme heat/humidity.

Todd is right, that is the first sign of a heat stroke. It would be a good idea to read up on the signs for the next time your working out in the heat! You could kill yourself.
thanx 4 all the suggestions! 15...can u have heat stroke this young? and how some i felt better so quick?
Do you have a school nurse?  Perhaps you should at the very least go check in with her tomorrow. 
i never go 2 the nurse (and not 2 mention the office is way out of my way)..we have a trainer..but i dont think its that big of a deal and dont think it will happen again
oh..kitty-u replied 2 my board in motivation-5'6-5'7 ...:)
it is possible to get heat stroke at any age. 

ive blacked out a few times back when i use to do track.

your body overheats, doesnt have enough water to keep it cool, and your heartbeat is racing like none other.
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Sweetie, i think you're prolly not eating enough. Try to always have a good breakfast and if you do a lot of sports then have snacks throughout the day. And i mean substancial snacks...A normal lunch for someone our age (i'll be 17 this month) is more like 350 to 500 cals..on the higher end if you're athletic.


I used to black out all of the time and it gets worse and worse if you overexercise without feeding your body. Eventually, you black out for longer and more frequently and each time you do, there is a risk of passing out. I'm speaking from experience (unfortunately).


Also, you could have low potassium, which puts a strain on your heart. Losing weight won't necessarily make you better at sports, k... If you're too thin it is actually harder to get too weak to stand and have to stop and catch your breath or lean against a wall after just opening a door. Im not exaggerating...So just be careful. I don't think 115 is a healthy weight for you to be, considering your height. Please learn how to eat healthily by the time you get to 125 lbs or so.


If you black out again or more often, let your doctor know and maybe get a blood test just incase you do have deficiencies. If its potassium, that can be super dangerous and your heart could stop (but only if its super low; i wouldnt be too concerned about that at the moment). Dehydration also contributes to low potassium. Try eating a banana before practice or with your breakfast.



It could have been caused by a sudden change in blood pressure.  It's happened to me before.  I was working out, and started feeling kind of tired, so I got off the elliptical machine, and suddenly I felt like I would either black out or throw up.  I sat down, and my eyes were seeing spots and going black, and and then I just threw up.  My doctor said it was probably a sudden change in blood pressure, from it being really high when I was working out, and then I stopped quickly and it dropped off too fast.


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