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Activity Level -- settings and logging? What do you do?

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I'm not sure how to set my activity level.  I work out 3-4x a week and clean around the house, etc. but other than that I'm pretty sedentary (work is in an office not alot of walking). 

I have it set to sedentary and then log my workouts. 

What do you all do?  If you workout like that - do you set it to light or moderate AND log your workouts or do you just set the activity level up a step?


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I think this is the most difficult thing for most people because most fit into more than 1 category. I also have a desk job and work out 3-5 times a week. In my job I have to get up and walk about every few minutes to use scanners, faxes etc. The drinks machines and toilets are on the other side of the building and I use the stairs (5th floor). At home I do the general stuff, cooking, cleaning etc. I've set my activity to light and log only my workouts. I think if you set to sedentary you're supposed to log all your daily activity, including driving, washing, walking around etc. At least that's my understanding of it

I mark myself as sedentary an log my workouts. It allows your to err on the conservative calorie burn.

I put my self as sedentary and try to mark all my activity, including when I take the stairs or walk to the store and so on.

I set it at Moderate and don't log workouts (also work a desk job & exercise 4x per week). I keep track of the deficit this calculates and how that relates to my weight, and have found it to be a pretty good predictor for me.

I keep it set to light activity and log my workouts.  I work a desk job, but I use the stairs and walk around a fair amount there.  I don't log things like shopping, running kids around, cleaning, cooking, etc.  

I do log my workouts, bowling (although I just count it as 1 hour as that's reasonably close to the the total amount *I* am bowling during league).  I also count yard work, as that is usually a big burner and I'm usually out there for more than 30 minutes. 

My advice is pick what you feel is reasonable, and if it's not working then adjust it.  If you're losing too quickly or starving all day then maybe you picked the wrong setting.  Or, if you're not losing after a few weeks, then maybe you need to adjust it to a more sedentary setting. 

I log as sedentary and then add my workouts or other "purposeful" exercise.  I don't log my runs up and down the stairs for mail/ work stuff.  I walk a fair bit at work, but don't log that either. 

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