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How accurate is the wii fit scale?

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mine is usally pretty decent and gives the same numbers as my house scales, but this morning when i stood on it it reckoned id lost 7lbs overnight to 134!!! my house scales still reckon I'm around the 142 mark, which im more inclined to believe.... has anyone else had this type of fluctuation and did it sort itself out? or am i going to need to take my board back? lol

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I don't have a Wii Fit scale, but I would recommend finding something in your house that has a pre-measured weight (a bag of flour, or a free weight) and put it on the scale to see if it's measuring that accurately.  If it isn't, then you might have to worry about the board!

My Wii Fit board is almost always off.  I weigh 240 and have never actually weighed that in Wii Fit.  One day I'll be 213, the next I'll be 225.  I stopped looking at that since it fluctuates so much.  It also may have something to do with me having the board on carpet, who knows.

Man I'm thinking about buying one of those, I tried it one night and had soooo much fun, hula hooping.

What about the calorie burner counter on there? is that accurate?

I have found the Wii Fit scale to be surprisingly consistent and accurate.  The only caveat I would add to that is to say that if you're using it on a carpeted surface, it is *really* important to use the leg extensions.

Original Post by ledgehanger:

I have found the Wii Fit scale to be surprisingly consistent and accurate.  The only caveat I would add to that is to say that if you're using it on a carpeted surface, it is *really* important to use the leg extensions.

 THERE ARE LEG EXTENSIONS?!?!?!!!! it came with the little grey things attached underneath is that what you mean?? or do i have to pull them out? lol, maybe thats why :)

amayou - there is no calorie counter but the timer for how long you do it for is pretty accurate, i record yoga as yoga, strength training as calisthenics and everything else as light aerobic activity :)

Cool, I might try to get one for Christmas :-)

The leg extensions came with the Wii Fit, but were not attached to the board when it arrived.  The legs just slip onto the permanently installed legs and hold there by friction.  They aren't anything remarkable - but they do wonders for the accuracy of the scale on carpeted surfaces. They are actually embedded in some of the cardboard packaging inside the box.  I'd suggest going and looking through the packaging.  You should find them there (assuming you still have the box...).

Hope that helps.

I stood on it, go my weight reg'd and then grabbed a 10 lbs handweight... the little computer guy said "I detect you are holding an extra item... I detect the item to weigh 10.0 lbs", so i think it works pretty well

I JUST picked up a Wii Fit about 15 minutes ago.  Can't wait to go home and use it!!!

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Mine was totally accurate until I put in a rechargeable battery pack and/or put on a silicone sleeve.  I did them both at the same time so I'm not sure which is the culprit, or maybe it's both.  I have always used mine on carpet, with the little extender feet.  Once I installed the battery pack and silicone sleeve, I magically dropped 10 lbs!  If only it were true!  LOL!  I don't worry about it too much though, because I wasn't intending to use it as my primary scale anyway.

I absolutely LOVE my Wii Fit, BTW, and highly recommend it.



Mine's spot on, at least referencing it against the scale at the vet!  I weighed my dog after I weighed myself, and got her weight as 26.2 lbs.  Directly after, I took her to the vet, and when they weighed her, she was exactly 26.2 lbs!  I have mine on the carpet, too, but I use the "legs" that come with it and that seems to prevent the problems others have mentioned.

ok i checked the box and the UK version apparently the leg extensions are 'sold separately'! lol when i got home though i stood on the scales and it kindly told me to put down my 11lb object... dammit bridget get off me! lol. it seems its back to normal and agreeing with my scales downstairs again. i am happy :)

christine q... your gonna love it!!

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Mine is pretty consistent. I've weighed myself on it a few times in a row, and the readings were within about 0.4lb, which is better than the experiences I've had with home scales. My gym has the type of scale they use in the doctor's office, and if I weigh myself on that scale and then weigh myself on the Wii Fit wearing the same clothes, it will match the reading at the gym if I select that my clothes weigh 1lb. I have that industrial-style thin carpet though, and I've heard that thick carpets can mess up the readings.     

Kinda late on this but found this when searching for why my scale is always innacurate. My scale, without fale, judges me in at at least seven lbs heavier than my scales tell me. I hate it!

I have a Wii Fit and a Health-O-Meter precision digital scale, and today I took an hour and compared them side-by-side. I found that they read within <0.5 pound of each other when used on a solid hard floor, and with the leg extensions on the Wii. 

I'm very satisfied with the accuracy of the Wii scale function.

However, the Wii will weigh in 7.6 to 8.8 pounds lighter when used on carpet, or on the exercise mat, or without the leg extensions.  So, I simply do the Body Scan with the Wii on the floor, then move it onto the carpet and/or fitness mat for the workout session.

I love my Wii Fit and heartily recommend it. I also just started with My Fitness Coach  and I love it!  You . Will. Sweat.

I think my Wii Fit weighs pretty well. It weighs me within .5 lbs of what I weigh on the regular scale, but my reg scale has low batteries, so that could be partly the issue with that. I too use it on carpet with the leg extensions and so far haven't had a problem. I do have fairly new carpet if that makes a difference.

I mainly use it to record my progress and weight. I use EA Sports Active for the majority of my workouts. It varies cardio, strength and resistance training every day and really gets me working up a sweat. I love it!

I've never been one to exercise, but with the Active, I can see myself sticking to a workout routine.

I have been using the Wii Fit Plus since December 21, 2009.  I have lost over 40 pounds in 3 months and have gone from a size 24 to a size 18.  This is great, yes, but I too noticed big fluctuations day to day. My boyfriend suggested we get a "real" scale for the bathroom.  So, here is my story...

When I started working out and watching my calorie intake, the Wii Fit said I weighed 250 lbs.  During the 12 weeks I lost as much as 46 pounds and weighed 204 according to the Wii.  Needless to say,  I was VERY excited and proud of my accomplishments. I cleaned out 75% of my closet and donated all the clothes that were too big to a charity.  Then, on Monday 3/8, I purchased a bathroom scale. I double checked it with a 10lb bag of flour and it weighed 10 pounds both times. So I was excited..I have an accurate scale.  Then I got on said I weighed 250lbs.  I was DEVASTATED. I cursed that Wii Fit Scale with many choice words let me tell you, and I cried my eyes out.  The realization that I was probably close to 300 lbs when I started horrified me.  I decided that I have done SO well, and I will continue to do so, but I don't give any credit to that Wii Scale anymore. I now weigh myself daily on the bathroom scale and have a tracking sheet in a notebook.

I LOVE my Wii Fit Plus. The workouts on it are amazing and I've even added ankle and wrist weights to my daily workouts.  I work out for 45- 60 minutes 5 - 6 days per week.

So, my advise is get a home scale. DO NOT count on the Wii Fit for accurate weight readings. 

Have had the wii fit for over a year and it's very accurate for me.  Make sure to use it on on hard flat surface,  carpet won't read right.

My Wii Fit Board is not accurate.  I stepped on this morning and had gained 8.8 lbs overnight.!  I went from being at a healthy weight to being overweight overnight.  I don't know what's going on, but my weight goes up && down every day.  Sometimes it says I have lost 10 lbs in one day..  I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what..

I find mine to be consistent with my home scale. Make sure that if you are on a carpeted surface to use the leg extensions. Also make sure to account for the weight of your clothing. With the regular scale I am without clothes and the Wii fit scale usually clothes around 1 pound.

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