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Abs-Workouts~March Ab Challenge.

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List of Workouts

The Challenge thread is located here: 2.html
Ok you guys asked for it!!!!

I found this site for the balance ball and the medicine ball ball.htm   hope this is helpful.

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Measuring   Workouts side planks to work obliques (10 on each side) on the link below- its #5 called side plank dips. If this is too hard, start off with the modified version if you want- that is fine.  instead of balancing on your feet use your knees. -detail.asp?art icleid=486

2. crunches (try for 25)   When doing a crunch remember to pick a spot on the ceiling and keep your eyes focused on it to avoid pulling on your neck, and do not bring your elbows in or forward. Another option if you canā??t stop pulling on your neck is to cross your arms across your chest. Take a deep breath, then exhale while curling up and forward until your shoulder blades are lifted off the ļ¬?oor. Hold for a moment at the top of the movement, fully exhale all of the air in your lungs for complete contraction of the abs, then slowly lower yourself back to the ļ¬?oor.   try this everyone....sit something heavy on your stomach, like a 5lb weight and your stomach muscles will automatically contract so you know you are keeping them tight.
Another thing (LADIES) KEGELS squeeze like you are holding in your pee. this  helps you tighten your lower abs and in the "Fun" parts of life :D -detail.asp?art icleid=486

I found that website above and its great for demonstrated exercises.

number one in the list is a basic crunch and number 5 is the side planks.  if its too hard to keep your feet in place you can bend your knees and do it with your knees down instead of just feet.
3. scissors- to work lower abs and inner thighs. (30 seconds) scissors are when you raise your legs off the floor some then cross them over each other going back and forth ok this link shows you how to do the scissors -kicks.html

4.  hold plank/pushup position (as long as you can) plank position is the same as push up.  you can do it a couple of ways.   one is get in a pushup position with arms straight and hold it as long as you can, keep your abs tight!  or you can do it on your elbows. while in that position try and extend your arm out in front of you, alternating arms, plank position is awsome   here is the correct way to do a pushup html  

    for bad backs-

Give this a try.  it will work your lower abs and your lower back.  You want to strengthen your lower back too and it will help with those back problems. l-ins.html

IF the side plank is too much for your back then try this one.  it will still give you a good workout. te-heel-toucher s.html

Try to do the plank position for as long as you can still, that will help strengthen your lower back too.   let me know if there are any questions on these.  If you want something harder.....BRING IT! LOL  I got some harder stuff too.   Ok here is the KILLER ab workout

lay on your back, arms crossed at your chest, knees slightly bent.  Place your Right heel on top of your Left toes. 

NOW lift up for your crunch and hold for 10 secs.  Do this alternating feet for a total of 16 crunches.  Now I will consider that the beginner/intermediate move.

My hubby gave me an advanced version that made me want to kill him this morning and I stopped at 4 total crunches.

Do the same thing but with each crunch, raise your legs a few inches.  

You can go even further and do a twist when up. thealth/deepbre athing.html

If you are doing a crunch, while laying on your back take a deep breath in thru your nose, hold it, and on your way up, for the crunch, exhale slowly thru your mouth and hold the crunch until all air is out.  Inhale thur your nose on the way down and exhale on the way up thru your mouth. 
From Kiigan during the Feb. challenge Hey everyone.  I found this website that lists and demonstrates some of the best and worst ab exercises.  A research group in San Diego did some tests evaluating how well each exercise targeted and engaged the ab muscles--so more ideas. ng/a/aa020402a. htm   From Deanna70 during the Feb challenge es.htm   From Ksylvan during the Feb Challenge Here's a great article on the web site:

Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises.   Kiigan recommended in the Feb challenge --I have the TurboJam Abs workout and I love it! a good, easy (well...not that easy...) way to get in 10-20 min of abs   Chunkychoo recommends   core secrets ab assault dvd   From Chunkychoo during the Feb. challenge  Got a new exercise, don't know who has tried it but it is a good one, you need an exercise ball, it is called a hand to foot pass, you lay on your back and put the ball between your feet, then crunch up and bring the ball and pass it to your hands, keep repeating as many times as you want, the trick is to pause while passing the ball and to go slow when you bring your legs and arms down, and use those ABS   From aenglish during the Feb. challenge    I also would like to share one as well.  It involves the exercise ball also.  You lay on it on your stomach and go forward and put your hands on the floor.  You position the ball on your hips (the position of the ball may vary to your balance and comfortness).  Then while your hands are on the floor (sort of in a push up position) and the ball is on your hips, you lift your feet of the floor so you're completely parallel to the floor.  Then, when you're balanced and ready, you bring your knees to your chest, rolling the ball with your legs, then you straighten back out.  This exercise works great with lower abs and I can also feel it in my back at times.  I recommend it to anyone who likes to work out on an exercise ball.   From Slappy during the Feb challenge   Side leg raises. 

Clasp your hands out in front of you....I found that if I clasp them tight/ push against each other, It made me tighten my abs more.

Bend your knees a little and SLOWLY raise your right leg and bring it back down 10 times then switch to the left leg.

It is simple enough you can do it many times and you will feel the obliques tighten while doing it.  Lift it to the side.   From ksylvan during the Feb challenge   Cool page about doing a perfect crunch.
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