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Is is ok to do abs/crunches everyday?

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i was curious if you can do abs everyday or if that muscle group should have the typical rest as those that you lift weights with. THANKS
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Yep, it is completely fine.
Super, thank you so much!
 Your abs can take a bit more of a pounding than the rest of your muscles, that's true; but not every day.

 At a minimum you should give them a day of rest after working them; a couple is better - generally you'll see the best results if you work your abs at most two or three times a week.
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Abdominals can and should be worked everyday.
 Mm, no - your abs can, but shouldn't be worked every day.

Your abs are no different than the rest of your muscles. You wouldn't work your shoulders every day and, similarly, you shouldn't work your abs every day either. Your body needs recovery time In order to grow stronger and change. Work your abs 2-3 non-consecutive days a week

How often should I work my abs?
Paige Waehner
  While your abs are mostly slow-twitch muscle that's more or less irrelevant to the discussion of how often you should train them; it's the fast-twitch fibers you train when you do abdominal exercises; and the fast-twitch muscle fibers in your abs are exactly the same as the rest of your muscles.

 They do recover a bit faster than the other muscles you have, but not that much faster.
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