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Ab workouts make your stomach look bigger?

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My trainer tells me not to do separate ab workouts, but to just tighten my abs while working out. This is what he said:

"Our abs and lower back are so difficult to burn muscle though because we r constantly using our back and abs all day. Our body naturally holds muscle in that area."

Now... I know that he's not one of those stupid trainers who don't know much about fitness. I mean, he studied for 10 years before creating his own gym and his own training program!

So I listened to him and I haven't been training my abs for several months now.


What do you guys think???

My goal for my abs is to not have a six-pack (although i can feel the packs if I flex my abs and really push into my skin haha), but to just have a toned stomach. Some muscles showing would be great !! Laughing

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Inspired by all the recent replies to this post, yesterday during weights and then karate (40 minutes weights, 1.5 hours karate) I consciously held my stomach in and TIGHT everytime I was doing a move. (Not for the full 1.5 hours or I would have been crippled). Normally when I do weights and the plank etc. I make sure my posture is good and 'hold my stomach in' but I never consciously tense it.

I definitely felt it a LOT more this morning. I never normally feel my stomach muscles hurting at all. I've done a lot of dance all my life and so have always had a strong core, and I just figured the muscles weren't needing much more working out.

But I plan to put much more thought into holding my stomach muscles in whenever I do weights or karate (it may be too much to concentrate on whilst running, and far too much energy) and will be very interested to see if it makes a difference. It certainley feels as though it has already.


As all the masters know: if you don't keep your stomach tight during your moves you lose power. Power comes from the core in martial arts.

 I agree that in order to see any sort of visible muscle on your stomach, you need to lose weight overall. Since my goal is not to have visible "6 packs," I don't think I would need to do separate ab workouts Smile I think keeping my abs tight throughout my workouts would suffice - am I right??



And I'm guessing that when my trainer told me that working out my abs separately may actually make my stomach look bigger, I think he was talking about if I were to not cut down on the kcals: eat more + ab workouts. Then since I would be building muscle under my stomach fat, it would seem like my stomach looked rounder.



But I have another question.... I have the type of stomach that looks like it's separated into 2 sections LOL Undecided The fine line is my belly button haha. Above my belly button, I could have a flat stomach (in the morning), but below my belly button, I have this ... "lump" .... "bulge" .... it kind of looks like the letter "b," if you know what I mean haha!! Is that just how my body looks like?? I mean, I know that the lower stomach is harder to lose weight than the upper stomach, but it just doesn't look too good in tight-fitting clothes haha!!


I HATE abs workout!  Hardly doing any crunches :p

But I have abs now, thanks for kick boxing movements, and like what your trainer told you, I am always conscious about engaging my abs in whatever I do.

The buldge below your belly button is your "female pooch", is what I like to call it :)

I still have a little of that. For me, that area is governed first and foremost by the food you eat, and closely seconded by your workout. Again, not to belittle abs workout, but I work out my lower abs during a lot of kicking in my cardio kick boxing.



- "female pooch"??? but not all females have it, aren't I right? I've seen some chubby females who only have one ROUND "D" shaped belly - and they're NOT preggo!!!! hahahaha


do you know whether it's hereditary or not?

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