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Vitamin counter???

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i was supprised this site didnt have it since it seems like such an important part of health (or maybe it is here and iv overlooked it)

I was hoping there would be a vitamin counter which can total up how much vitamins, nutrients and minerals you are taking in according to what you eat.

I fgure as we enter in our meals for the day the vitamin counter can automatically total up how much vitamin C, Zinc, Potasium, Calcium... we're taking in each day.

I take a multi vitamin now just to be sure but id also like to know how much vitamins and nutrients im taking in just from food intake.

Just thought it would be nice to have for those of us who are woried if we are having enough vitamins in our diets...would be nice if it also showed the % to day we are at with our nutrient intake and suggestions on how we can increase/decrease our intake just like with the calorie counter.

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what a great suggestion-  I have always wondered if my food is providing me with enough vitamins and mineral or if I should alter my food choices.  A counter would be great!!

I would second that suggestion but since that has already been done, I'll 'third' it.

Yes, I know of the mouse hover over the date on the analysis page but:

- that only covers a few, and

- it's not entirely convenient.

yeah.. they have vitamiin c, a & a few minerals counter... but since you can enter all of the ohter things too (like b vitamins, acids etc) you should be able to count them.. cuz what is the point of typing them in if you can't? unfortunately you can't :(

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