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Is there any section of ths site that allows you to track body measurements?  I thought there was but if there was I can't see it now and this would be really usefull

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There is not a section dedicated to that -- most people use their journals and simply make this private.

If you go to designer.php?type=3

you can make a ticker thingie to keep track of your waist measurements at least... you can choose your ticker, your tracker... then imput all your inforation (weight, measurements for your waist)..... set up a pin so you can update it.... and where it says "track" just click the "waist" button....

It's the only ticker that I've been able to find...

This is kind of what it looks like (if I copied the right HTML code lol)

[url= j09/]
[img] 9/weight.png[/img]

hope that helps!!!

Ugh...crap.... I did it wrong.... still get the general idea though.

When you enter your weight you could add it in the details. Just use things like A for arm, C for chest, etc.

I think measurements would be a great addition to the site. The reason being some will not see the scale budge but will notice a change in their measurements and how their clothes fit. They can be gaining muscle/tone etc and not see a change on the scale which can be discouraging. But if you were able to see the change in your measurements the way you do your weight on the site that would help people stay motivated!!! 

completely agree!!!  I'm looking for a place to track them, so of course I look here first. 

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I would also be very interested in this feature.
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