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sugar added or total????

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There seems to be a misunderstanding, even stated by the description we find in the CC:

ADDED sugar should not be more than 10% of calories, that makes 50gr OF WHITE SUGAR/day/male based on a 2000calories diet (for WHI)

Sugars from fruits comes combined with fibers, so the insulin shock is much less or even nonexistent.

Noone can eat a diet with fruits with sugars TOTAL in the 10% range, i think!

25% TOTALS (from which max 10% added???) as stated by DRI makes much more sense to me! Quite similar with fats saturated and unsaturated (25% and 10%)

Go with veggies u got salt, so WTF!!!!!!!!!!! r u kidding me?

I'm an engineer, so stupid by definition, so maybe a nutritionist can explain?


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Thanks for your question! Sugars which are naturally occurring in fruits, milk, and vegetables do not count towards ADDED sugars. ADDED sugars refers to those added by manufacturers when processing and should be below 10% of calories. We certainly do not want to discourage intake of fruits which contain natural sugars and you are right, fiber, which helps slow the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream. 

Rachel thanks for your answer! Problem is the CC software counts ALL THE SUGARS not only the added ones, including the naturally occurring ones from fruits, the chart lacks ADDED SUGAR column, but in the table there are TOTAL amounts of sugar. I think, maybe, a software change would be beneficial, since i read posts on this website where people stated that they cut off fruits totally because of that! Don't think it's a healthy thing. Thanks 


I have noticed this problem as well.  There is not a day when I can keep my sugar intake to below what CC is expecting it to be, and yet I hardly have any added sugars.  It is just that I love fruit and will not cut it out of my diet. 

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Thank you so much for broaching this subject! I actually have cut friuts out of my diet on quite a few occasions because of this and wondered how the heck I could keep my sugar count at or under 30g per day. Sugar is in just about everything! It was an eye opener for me.

Suggestion: in order to count only added sugars in your diet, you could create a custom list of food items with naturally occuring sugars, such as fruits, and simply omit entering their sugar content. 

I just start it CC and thank you for the tip. It is really helpful.

Original Post by apple7_:

I just start it CC and thank you for the tip. It is really helpful.

U'r welcome! By the way i hit my weight in 4 month (-17 or 18 kilos) by simply using natural food, not eating bread,not eating sugar at all, not eating 3 hours before sleep. I use honey, but they say there is a better sweetner for hot drinks (i drink 5 cups of coffee per day and honey is poison at more than 40 degrees celsius), don't know the name, i will post it when i find it. I do some medium sport too (hunting, mtb riding, not to heavy, believe me). Secret is: HEALTHY, NATURAL FOOD. vegetables and fruits from supermarkets is the worse food EVER, they give 10-12 treatments with chemicals u can't imagine (if they made by BAYER AG, the guys who developed Hitlers gases, than they call it BIO!). So i buy only NATURAL FOODS AND VEGGIES from home grown sources or forrest for season fruits (berries now) which i know (i live in Romania, that's still possible), i use natural pork lard for stirfrying NOT VEGETABLE OIL (they fake 99%), exactly the way arround they advice it, but that's only me, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! 

PM: Buy a Actifry owen for frying (it uses very little oil for frying/stirfrying, good machine but expensive), a speed blender (ore than 30.000 rot/min) for makin icecream with frozen fruits,milk and honey. Delicious and doesn't make fat. FORGET ABOUT FAST FOOD, cook urself!

And drink GOAT MILK as much as u can from good farms (crude not pasteurized, boiling or pasteurization kills all good bacteria)

**** the calories, trust me, do the a.m., u'll see the diff, there are good foods with negative calories (apples, blackberries, look up on google), the guys on CC add every **** up, they even count fruit sugar to added sugar, biggest BS!!!! Still their software is good to hold a balance.

AAAH and salt: use natural one, that kind that hunters give to animals, do not buy from stores!

Hard to do, but if u care it's not impossible!!!!

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