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Sedentary BMR vs. active

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I eat very healthy and love my whole grains, nuts, fish and all that jazz. 

However, ive realized that I eat a lot of it and my portions are gigantic! In addition, I love exercising and like to keep active. But I eat more calories than I use, hence me needing to lose weight. 

I want to learn how to lose weight first with food only and no exercise, I calculated my BMR and it`s 1782.41

So, does this mean that in order to lose 1lb. per week without any exercise (I sit a lot due to my work) I should then consume 1282.41 calories a day

Also, I calculated my Sedentary BMR and its 2138.89 and it confused me because then whats the difference between regular BMR which is your resting metabolic rate and a sedentary BMR which is your metabolic rate when you engage in very little activity?

Nonetheless, I would just like to know how much I need to be consuming to lose 1lb. a week because I just realized I have been under-consuming my calories (from 1100 to 1200 a day) and apparently that's no good for you.


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BMR is your basal metabolic rate. It's what you would burn if you were in a coma.

Sedentary burn (not BMR -- that's why you are getting confused) is what you burn if living a sedentary lifestyle - sedentary people are not bed-bound. They get up, they sit in their cars, at their desks, they cook, do lightly cleaning, walk around a grocery store... all of this burns more calories than you would if you were lying in bed 24 hours a day.

Sedentary is generally calculated as BMR * 1.2, or 20% higher than BMR. Higher activity levels have higher multipliers.

So putting this all together:  If your BMR is 1780, you should probably eat about that much. If you are sedentary, you burn 2140, so you'll have a deficit of 360, which means you'll lose a pound every 10 days. 

If you want to lose faster than that, rather than eat less, I suggest you burn more. Just burning an additional 150 calories per day should allow you to lose a pound a week.

Bottom line: Eat ~1780, burn an additional 150-200 calories a day, and you should lose a pound a week.

Thank you so much, that makes so much sense and it helps a lot! Cheers

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