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What chain restaurants do you wish were in our database? We want to hear from you so that we can potentially add the nutrition facts for your favorite places and make logging easier! Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Smokey Bones Ale house Pollo loco
Waffle House. Just how bad is the, pecan waffle??
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Nandos, Starbucks, cafe Nero, Frankie's and bennies??
Taco bueno, charlestons, common sushi rolls would be nice too!
Family pancake house

I rarely eat at popular eateries much.  But could you add some Japanese and Korean food to the database?  Korean food such as soy marinated crab, cold buckwheat noodle, dumplings, kimchi, hot squid.  I recognize that the entire food database is geared toward average American who doesn't eat all the food I just mentioned above.  But for someone like me who has a very different eating habit, it is just very difficult.  

Certain grocery brands that are really popular-- at the very least, Trader Joes & Whole Foods.


They have very different nutrition info and i end up having to plug them in a lot.

Panara Bread Company, Corner Bakery
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Hi Please also include more home cooked meal calories. Thank you!

I am in the UK, and wonder whether we could get nutritional info for Wagamama? They don't publish info anywhere which makes me both suspicious and anxious!


Mayhem x

Steak N Shake

Baskin Robbins

updated Dairy Queen nutrition.

Original Post by foreverfatty:

Panara Bread Company, Corner Bakery

Def these too.

British chains would be great - all restaurants at centre parcs will be great/ weather spoons pubs - really enjoying the app!
Costco/kirkland brand

Canada:- Boston Pizza pls

Jenny Craig app guide has a pretty good list... you might want to look at it

Take all  nutrition of your food it may help you to be healthy .... Take your diet properly ....... If you are healthy then your life is also healthy and wealthy..............  :)



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Texas Roadhouse



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