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TOO MUCH protein?!

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I lift weights. I lift pretty heavy weights, for a tiny 5'3" lady. In the gym this morning I was doing 75 kg squats and 40 kg bench presses. And I weigh 64 kg.

I'm trying to get a ton of protein in my diet. My body uses it. I notice slower recovery and slower strength gains when I don't have enough protein. I have adjusted my nutrient goals to aim for 100 grams of protein. I currently have a goal on calorie camp to reach 85% of my protein goal.

Today, thanks to chicken sandwiches for lunch and dinner and a protein bar for breakfast, I took in 120 grams of protein. Great! But no, according to calorie camp, this is too MUCH protein. It shows up as a red on my analysis, and I don't get my 85% achievement for today.

Are you kidding me? I don't get credit for reaching 85% of my protein goal, because I hit 120%? Okay, look. There is no such thing as too much protein. It's not like saturated fat or sodium. Even if you are taking in more than your body can use, it doesn't have any particular negative health effects. The only possible negative is that if you have a bunch of extra protein because you ate an extra steak that day, you ate an extra steak that day and that's a lot of calories. And I'm at about 1,350 calories today. So even if I did take in more protein than my body could use today, that's not really a problem. But I don't think I did take in more protein than my body can use. I did increasing 3x10 sets of squats and bench presses today, I did 2 sets of pull-ups to failure, I ran flat out on the treadmill at an incline for 20 minutes.

And I don't hit my protein goal because I "overshot". You're kidding me.

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I have no answers to why it does that, but I feel your pain.

Great workout though!

The camp 85% protein only accepts a narrow range ignore it ! Mine has not once given me the goal


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