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Is it possible to see what my friend eats?

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As the title says.  I've added a friend as a do I see what he's eating?


Thanks in advance!!!

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No you cannot go snooping the food log on their homepage. But think you can see some kind of food journal if you both are in Calorie Camp.

Your friend would have to post his food log publicly daily for you to see... and as far as I know, you can only see one entry until another is posted.

For example, you can't see a person who's log posted publicly last Monday's log if they posted some since. <--this sentence makes no sense, but I think you might get what I'm saying.

/brain is mush

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Thanks for the replies!  It makes sense :)  We are just trying to support each other.  I'll just walk over to his computer on Monday and harass him ;)

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