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The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard

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As you may have noticed, we revamped our dashboard to make it even easier for you to track your calorie intake and expenditure. On the new dashboard you will see ‘Food’ = calories you eat, ‘Activity’ = the calories you burn through logged exercise, and ‘Remaining ‘= how many calories you have left in your calorie budget to eat for the day. The ‘Remaining’ calorie number is based on what your target intake is set to plus any logged activity which would allow for an increase in your allotted calories. Technically, you want to aim for zero remaining calories at the end of the day to ensure you are not over or under -eating.  

Previously, we had incorporated an activity level which estimated the amount of calories you would burn every day on a baseline level. While it is accurate your body requires a certain number of calories at rest, it is a variable, often inaccurate calculation. Because we want to make things as simple and clear as possible for you, we have removed that number from our dashboard and analysis pages. However, if you were used to the old format, you can switch back by clicking the link on your dashboard.

Added: March 9, 2012 - 9:26am

As you may have noticed, we have incorporated the new design into the Old Dashboard experience. We now also offer a toggle version that allows you to see Net or Remaining calories depending on your preference/or to see both. The selection that you make there affects what your analysis graph displays for you. We've also exposed the water logger and added a date widget. We are listening to your feedback and are doing all we can to ensure you have tools that work for you.

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I miss having my water tally right by my food log -- its a pain to have to go to a whole other place just to log water.  I don't often go to the home page,  now I have to -- ugh.

I switched back to the old view --  but in my experience that option will probably only be temporary -- so please put the water counter back on the food log page.

I do not like the "remaining calories" option... I'd rather have the calories estimated so that my deficit would be close to accurate.

Well -- thank you for giving us the option to keep the "old" dashboard; I hesitate to ask for how long, however.

why I don't like the new 'board -- the new board tell me I have calories left -- which implies that I should eat them (as in this is not listed as a "deficit" or net calories) -- but I want a deficit, so I shouldn't eat them. 

I'm not saying the new board is bad, lord knows I've answered enough questions on "what is net calories" to last me forever -- but for me, this isn't an answer, it may be forever.

So again, thank you for giving me the option to leave it the way it was.

WTH  is with the new Analysis graph?  It shows me as having a 1000 calorie surplus?  No deficit at all -  and at this point in the day I've only had 1011 calories of 1400.... don't understand how to read this graph at all.

Also,  the new thingy says I have 924 calories remaining,  but I only have 389 left?  If I ate 924 calories more,  I will have eaten 1935 calories - 535 more than I plan to.  Its very confusing.

Please explain,  as in my experience,  we will only have a few weeks to use the "old" version before having the new one foisted upon us.

Calories remaining would make more sense if we had a goal deficit.  That's actually a good idea, can it be implemented?

This doesn't make sense.  I have a daily goal of eating 1500 calories.  According to this, I should be eating another 761 calories because of my logged activities. 

If I eat another 761 calories, then I will not have a deficit and I will not lose any weight.

This is not logical.  The graphics are designed for people maintaining their weight instead of dieters. 

Original Post by antiquenerd:

This doesn't make sense.  I have a daily goal of eating 1500 calories.  According to this, I should be eating another 761 calories because of my logged activities. 

If I eat another 761 calories, then I will not have a deficit and I will not lose any weight.

This is not logical.  The graphics are designed for people maintaining their weight instead of dieters. 


I don't like this at all!  I finally tweaked my stats to be eating my BMR, and with my activities I've been at a deficit of -600 to -900.  This new format is telling me I have another 356 cals to eat today (????)

"Improved"... according to who?

"simple and clear"... you've got to be kidding!

Thumbs down on the stupid "New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard".

The analysis graph is horrible, and I can't find a link to put it back to old view.

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I agree--I don't much care for this new dashboard at all, it is super confusing and makes something that was simple into something overly complicated

I agree with everyone else.  The new analysis graph has me confused out of my mind.  It made a lot more sense before.  

Displaying the calories left is nice because i used to have to calculate out what I had left. However I preferred the old analysis page. Seeing that i had -1000 net calories was so much more satisfying than seeing I have 0 calories left. I think the best graph would be the old bar graph with a horizontal line at your target.

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Several commenters note that there's a way to keep the "old" format, but I don't see anything on this thread that shows me.

I hope our complaints about the new dashboard format aren't in vain. I've been using CC for 6 years and have sent dozens of people here. I have never heard *anyone* talk about problems with the calories used format. I do not understand in the least why it was changed.

At the very least please explain how I can keep things the way they were. I am not a Luddite; I like innovation. But not when it serves no visible purpose. 

Or eventually are we going to have to pay to have it the old way, is that the point?

I have been using CC since 2006 and I hate the new dashboard. It makes it difficult for me to see my deficit. Please keep the old version.

Unfortunately these changes make calorie count unusable for how I was using it.

I used the daily target as my BMR and ate up to that and determined my deficit by my activity level (which was fairly accurate in my experience) + exercise. This new method means I need to determine my BMR + average activity + exercise and manually manage my total burn (formerly the "burn meter" -- which again was fairly accurate).

I agree with comments above that "calories remaining" simply is not representative of the task at hand for most of us, which is weight loss. In order to lose weight you run a deficit. Unfortunately now the site appears to be changing the vocabulary and in turn the mind set one might take to approaching weight loss. Enough people are confused by things like BMR, RMR, typical daily activity calories, and calories burned during exercise. Now there doesn't even appear to be a logical connection between the tools and the goal.


At least to understand the new system:

- ACTIVITY LEVEL means nothing now?
- The burn meter is gone?
- What strategy do we (and especially a new person use) to determine our REAL "estimated" daily burn calories so that we may figure out the most meaningful number, our DEFICIT? (I mean I can figure it out but it seems like this tool is less useful to people without it doing some of that figuring for you -- and certainly not useful to new people who have no concept of calorie deficit, what that might be, and how to calculate some kind of activity level estimate before workouts.

Honestly based on my exploration of these changes so far the current version of the site is barely useful as there is no way to see what matters most to me, and what has bringing the results I've needed, MY DEFICIT of calories, and especially the average deficit on the analysis page, that I have referred to many times in the forums for people trying to figure out if they are "doing it right". Calories remaining is useless in that type of context because now highly unknowledgable people can be entering daily target calories into their settings with no bearing on reality or even if they are trying could enter it wrong.

With the DEFICIT and BURN METER based on estimated ACTIVITY LEVEL it at least gave all of us amateurs a solid base to discuss individual issues with each other to help each other improve, because the numbers meant something. 

As far as I can tell so far, the new changes make the system completely arbitrary to the goal the individual user enters with no benchmark for what those numbers should be and why.

I apologize for responding before fully exploring the new system, but honestly I have to rethink everything about how I used Calorie Count in order to even play with it. And now I am concerned that the data I had been testing and comparing against (my real world weight loss vs the estimated burn meter numbers) is now lost from the past. Where I had a 600 to 700 calorie average deficit, the analysis page now tells me I have an average calories remaining of 400 something. I don't even know what that means.

That said, I have been so appreciative of this service. It has helped myself and countless others so much. The site I signed up for made so much sense, and the additions of the calorie camp social support components only took it to another level I was grateful for. I have marveled that this is a free service. I have never complained about any aspect of the site even when I felt things could be better or were not quite right because the fundamental concept of the site was perfect. Count my calories against my burn. Get a deficit. Lose weight (or conversely if you were gaining or simply tracking if you are maintaining).

That simple system worked so well because it helped people get started by providing useful starting points based on very little guesswork and a lot of logic. It did what any good software should do. And in my opinion did it well.

To my cursory review the new version is now simply a glorified spreadsheet with a couple of tools and big social network. That is how important the concept of TARGET -> BURN -> DEFECIT is to me and the usage of this tool.

While the old system could be improved, there was nothing fundamentally wrong with it. The concept was sound and worked. As far as I am concerned  you have launched an entirely new site and it does not work like a calorie counter should but more specifically not like a calorie counter should work based on the expecations you created for one. One that worked. Will this new system work? I don't know. But I fear I might have to start my search over for a nutritional health logger. But I really don't want to do that. I LIKED calorie counter and the relationships it is helping me build here. But at this moment, the one thing I want to know doesn't exist anymore on your site.

Original Post by antiquenerd:

This doesn't make sense.  I have a daily goal of eating 1500 calories.  According to this, I should be eating another 761 calories because of my logged activities. 

If I eat another 761 calories, then I will not have a deficit and I will not lose any weight.

This is not logical.  The graphics are designed for people maintaining their weight instead of dieters. 

Agreed.  For someone maintaining their weight (as I am), this new method would work, as long as you know what is a rational number based on activity level to plug into your target calories setting.  For someone working on weight loss displaying Calories Remaining doesn't make sense.

I agree. I don't understand the new analysis graph. Before I had this lovely chart showing all the days where I was under on my calories for the day, now everything has changed. This is not an intuitive or user-friendly way of doing things. DO NOT WANT.

well said,  beingzoe.  If this new version becomes mandatory,  I will look around the web for  a different calorie counter site.  I am not looking to maintain my weight (its too high!),  I want to run a deficit most days.  It was easy enough to figure out before,  now -- not at all.

Wait, what do you mean that calculating your daily burn "is a variable, often inaccurate calculation?" If that's true, then how are we supposed to determine how much we should eat on a daily basis? Typically, we should take into account our BMR and activity level, and choose our target calories to ensure a 500-ish calorie deficit.

So by doing this bizarre "calories remaining" thing based on our intake target, you're just hiding the fact that we're using a "variable, often inaccurate calculation." You're not changing the underlying mechanics of the calculation at all, but making it harder to figure out how to optimize it.

Plus, it's not like we can trust the target calories automatically generated by CalorieCount -- no matter what I do, I can't convince the site to recommend that I eat more than 1200 calories a day, which is actually quite ridiculously small considering my height, weight, activity level, etc.

I hate to be cynical, but this sounds like a way to force us to sign up for the CC Premium service. Our old, trusted way of calculating calorie targets and daily deficits has been called "inaccurate," so the logical conclusion is that we should spend $20 - $30 a month to consult with a dietician, who will tell us what our calorie target should be. And based on what, exactly? I sure hope it's not based on BMR and activity level, because thanks but no thanks, we can do that ourselves.

In short, my point is that the new Dashboard is not simple, clear, or accurate. Don't take away our old Dashboard, or I, for one, will be very grumpy.

The switch is also causing some glitches.  I just logged all my food for the weekend and then had it all disappear on me half an hour later.  Fortunately, I noted the numbers for my 'real' spreadsheet as I can't be bothered to go through the trouble of adding the food all over again.

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