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how long should you wait after eating to go to bed?

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sometimes at home i get hungry and i go and get left over food from earlier in the day. So im wondering what if i eat a plate of pasta, then how long so i wait to go to bed? Also what if another time i eat some kind of meat or maybe chicken then how long should i wait to go to bed?

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I wouldn't keep myself up for the sake of food if I were you. Honestly I don't get why you'd let food determine when you go to bed. It's not like it'll turn right to fat as soon as your head hits the pillow. You do burn calories even when you sleep (I think and 8 hour sleep can burn around 400 cals). If you do eat right before bed, however, don't make it a huge meal, or you might find it can keep you awake for awhile (not to worry though if you take melatonin a 1/2 hour before). Eating at night will not make you any fatter than eating at any other time. The only thing that matters is the number of calories you're eating total. Personally, I like to stop eating about 2 hours before bed.

ya i do that 2. like i eat before 8 and then i usually stay up til 10:30-11:00 then go to sleep. so i was just wondering if i eat like a plate of pasta or even a piece of chicken breast will i be alright?

ummm yeah you should be fine eating those things. just don't eat anything heavy in sugar or something rich that might make your stomach queasy, lest it keeps you up. other than that, i don't think it matters what kind of food you eat.

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