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Logging Activities...

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Everyday, here's my activity log...

Run/walk 30 mintes 151 calories burned

Working for 8 hours (sitting on my butt) 1,089 calories burned!

That seems a little dsitored to me! Do you guys log your "down time"??

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No, don't log your non-exercise.

However, remember that the 1089 is based on 8 hours. So it is 136/hr, or 68 calories in 30 minutes.  Everything we do, even sleeping, burns calories. But the burn meter uses our activity level to estimate the burn for that time, so there is no need to log it.

Thanks! I thought that looked a little crazy! But now I feel like I don't have enough activity to put down! I need to go do wome stairs at work! LOL!

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