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item to right of daily "grade" on toolbar

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I am using the toolbar on Firefox 3 and there is the Eat Meter, then the Grade for the day, then there is another item between that and "hot topics" what is this? When I click on it takes me to my weight log, which has not changed because I just started using the program yesterday. But yesterday I had a green triangle with 2.5 and today its a green triangle with 5.5.

thanks in advance for the help.

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Not sure what the green triangle is - perhaps maintenance?

For me, it shows a down pointing arrow and the loss to date I have had. Perhaps once you have a loss or gain to your original weight, it will show your change from original weight.

It changes as your weight goes up or down and illustrates that with the arrow point.  I use it as a little daily reminder of how far I've come - 31.5 and going down!

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well I have definatly not gained 5.5lbs since I started, so it must be broken

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