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Am I the only one who is irritated with the stupid fad diets their friends go on? I'm obviously not a genius at losing weight, I'm 5'7 1/2 173 lbs. And yes, that 1/2 matters and I say it whenever I am talking about my weight so my BMI is lower. Something only an overweight person would do! haha. ANYWAY, if my friend talks about her stupid Gluten Free diet any more, I am going to SCREAM. The only reason it is working is because by eliminating bread, she is eliminating calories. Losing weight is mathematical. Calories in, calories out. Not too complicated. I tried her Gluten Free diet for 2 days and ended up over eating because well HEY, it's Gluten Free, I can eat it! Also, she stayed with me for a week and was eating chocolate bars and m&ms... really great diet. I'm not convinced. She can go on and on all she wants but she is wrong. It's not the Gluten, it is the CALORIES! If before you were eating a loaf of bread a day, and then you stop doing that, that's HOW many calories a day that you aren't eating now? Stop pushing other people to do your diet!

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Um, not a scam? Maybe some of us actually need it. geez.

And most people gain on gf because they're malnourished due to consequences that gluten gave them, ie- diarrhea (and therefore, food not being absorbed). Taking away gluten takes away those digestive issues. 

And gf bread is high calorie than regular bread. You're looking at 120-170 cals a slice for gf. 

And it's perfectly healthy to live off a gf diet and have a healthy life. example: me.

I think it'd benefit you (and others) to do a bit of research before going around with the blame game.

I am not saying Gluten Free is bad if you NEED it. My friend did not have digestive issues or stomach problems. Her mother told her she lost weight on this diet and so she went on it. She doesn't eat gluten free bread or any "gluten free" products to be honest. She just eliminates anything that says wheat. So her diet is basically chicken and rice/potatoes, salads. She did use a Gluten Free cookie recipe one time. I haven't "blamed" anyone in my post. What would I be blaming for? I am saying that people shouldn't push their GF diets onto people who don't have Celiac disease/don't want to do it and claim that the GF diet helps you lose weight. This post was more about people pushing their diet ideas onto you... not so much attacking GF, especially if you are eating that way because you need to.

I know, they're sticking "gluten free" on some really poor food choices. Gluten free goods (breads, pastas ect) are still very high in carbos because they are made of grains and grains are very high in carbos. If you have a sensitive gut, as in allergic to gluten, you will swell up like a toad when you eat it .  I cannot eat regular bread or pasta because I put on the pounds like crazy. I cannot eat the gluten free either because of the high carbs and I'm also sensitive to them. You have to know your own body to find what's right for you.  I'm following a low cal, low carb, low glycemic diet, and it works for me.  Eliminating wheat isn't a bad idea for a lot of people, even those who don't have a digestive problems.

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I know what you mean.  My sister had gotten her whole family on the 'gluten free' thing even though none of them in her family has Celiac disease. 

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