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Food nutrition grade

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Hi. Is there a way that i can see all the food in grade A? I mean while logging food i see different nutrition grades of that particular food but is there a way by which i can see all the food in a particular nutrition grade ? Like a list of all the food that falls under the nutrition grade A so i can maintain my shopping list accordingly.

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I like this idea :)


You can search grades by entering a food in the search bar.

You will see Order by Relevance | Grade.

You need to click on Grade.

It will list A rated first.


Yes but still it shows grades related to only the food we write in the search bar. What i'm looking for is a way to see all the food that is categorized under the grade A. Not just what i write in the search bar. My knowledge about cooking is very limited and I have just started out to learn to cook. So even my vocabulary about food items is also limited (healthy food items). So whenever i enter something in the search bar its either a B or a C sometimes even D. 

This is a great idea.  Calorie Count, do this!

I know this won't necessarily show you the given nutrition grade, but if you go to the recipe browser, you can find a lot of tasty recipes with all their nutrition facts provided upfront. Most of these have a great overall nutrition grade. By writing down the ingredients from a few recipes, you can then have healthy ingredients and learn to work them in different ways into your meals aside from the given recipe.

Hope this helps until Calorie Count can make a part of the website to feature your suggestion!

I don't see this feature coming out very soon, just because the sheer volume of items would make it overwhelming/difficult to navigate.

That said, one way to discover "A" rated foods is to look at people's food logs in the calorie camp.

Furthermore, check out this website about the 'world's healthiest foods'

Because of the way calorie count determines food grades, these foods might not always get an A, but you will know you are eating things that are good for your body anyway.

Good luck with your cooking endeavours!

Thank You Laughing

I think until there is some sort of list you can try to click on the different nutrient under the analysis tab. That will at least show you some of the foods that are high in that particular catagory.  I do that all the time now and I find that it helps me to find the food that I need for something I am low in. there are also great recipie sites that will help you for preparing healthy foods. Good luck and great idea!

PS that website also has lots of recipes and meal plans.

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