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DEBATE: MyFitnessPal vs Calorie Count

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I've been using MFP religiously for abt 2 months and lost 3.6 kgs (8lbs I think). Am new to CC and even though I haven't begun logging yet- still keeping faithful to MFP haha- I'm just curious as to whether anyone has tried MFP and which do you think is better? Should I make the leap anytime soon?
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Hi! I use MFP also and tried CC to log my foods. I did notice that MFP have way more foods and restaurants to choose from, and CC does not. Im at a smoothie spot now, just logged into both sites to log and CC doesn't have my food/smoothie listed and MFP does... So I go to CC for the forums and motivation but I personally find MFP more user friendly and wayyyy easier to use. Just my opinion:)
I like cc better. My fitness pal has set portions, it bugs me. I find cc much easier to use. However there are limited foods on cc, I still like it better :)
Ohh I see. Thanks for replying guys- It's reassuring to see that I'm not the only one who finds CC's food selection small. I think I'm going to go with atlanta on this one and just both to their advantages- I find MFP too useful to give up but CC has seriously good community. Thanks again!

I use MFP to look for calories now and then, just by googling. CC for the logging and the community. Mostly the community.

I just did a google search trying to gather opinions about which of these is better, and found this post. I have just signed up on both sites, but I can say right now that I LOVE CC simply because of the control over the portions. MFP seems very rigid in that sense, and I find that it is lowballing my caloric intake per food as a result. It has a cuter interface and all that, but I think CC has my vote.

I have been using for a couple of years, whereas I have gone into only a couple of times to look up calories on food not listed on and to just find out which website is better.  I find that is much more user friendly and more informative.  Not only does it tell you your total nutrition percentages consumed, but it also tells you whether you reached the daily value recommended.  It gives you the nutrition value per food item, not just the total for the day. By looking at the analysis, I now know which foods are higher in potassium, vitamin A, etc.  

I definitely recommend using!

I'm new to CC and find it very motivational, especially with the forums. However, I am not all that pleased with the logging screen and the way it's laid out. For logging, I use the Lose It! app, which I absolutely LOVE. the layout is simply and clean, and it's very nice. It's free on the App Store, check it out!

Interesting topic - and one I thought I would contribute to.

I have used CC for several years now, but have only in recent months took to actually logging food and activity.  Until now, I've just been using it for the community - which I have to say I love!

As far as MFP goes, I've actually opened two accounts with them - again, in recent months - and closed them both.

Whilst I agree the food database is HUGE, I'm not too keen on the way you log and tracks food and exercise for some reason.  Don't really know why, can't quite put my finger on it exactly.  I think some of the reason is that I'm just so familiar with CC and it's set up that I'm frightened of change!

I never actually entered the forums at MFP, just browsed them a bit.  But from what I've seen, I consider the CC forums to be easier to navigate, less "fussy" as far as the screen display goes, and just more pleasing on the eye.

Like nebichan posted above, MFP is easy to use for look up foods just through Google without the need to register an account - but I do agree that the fact the the portion sizes are less flexible than CC makes food logging harder and far more time consuming.

CC's Iphone app has it's well-publised and much-discussed bugs and problems, but the fact that you can access the forums through it is a big bonus for me.

So there you have it - a few opinions of mine, for what they are worth!

If you read the packet your food comes in there is a calorie list so you can enter the food under your custom list or your frequent list and add it easily to your daily intake
Indeed the camera on my smart phone acts as a scanner and allows me to customise the food item ie scan and enter data
I just started using mfp because it allows you to build a recipe on your phone and get the calories per serving less work for me that way one thing I do miss is the nutrion break down on cc is better and I like the analysis page on cc way better if they had a recipe builder on cc I would be back in a flash :)

Um - there's a great recipe calculator on CC!

Original Post by oronoque:

Um - there's a great recipe calculator on CC!

I believe she's talking about the mobile app -- i don't think there is one on there.

I LOVE the recipe builder/analysis thing here; I use it quite often by putting in recipes I've had for years and then figure out where I can cut calories if I need or want to; I also calculate and add recipes (low cal or otherwise) that I find in cookbooks or magazines on a regular basis just so I have them in my lists for convenience.  Maybe I'm easier going than some people, but I don't find it to be a big deal to put calories and nutritional values of foods in to my 'custom foods' list if they aren't on the regular list of foods ... if I have to go to outside sources or do a little homework to find those values to add them, so be it, since chances are good that I will use them again ... keeps me from having to jump around from web site to web site later on.  I doesn't hurt to 'share' things you add when you add things either (when you are sure of the values) ... that way you help broaden the scope of the site and help make it better than it already is.

I'm not on a diet, I've made a "lifestyle change" ... works for me because after years of trying different diets (suggested by friends, found in magazines, etc.) and not being able to stick with any of them, using Calorie Count has enabled me to lose 90 lbs. since May 2012.  I have gone from a size 18 or 20 jeans to a size 6 with plenty of room for comfort, and from size 2x and 3x women's large blouses and tunics or tee-shirt type tops that I simply refused to tuck in or that didn't need to be tucked in, to regular medium size blouses and tops (I am fairly good sized in the chest so although I've lost size where I needed to there [on the sides and through the back] and although I've dropped a couple bra sizes, I haven't really dropped in cup size, so I doubt I'll ever go in to 'small' sized tops without having them feel or look to small in the chest).  No more tunics ... Almost all of my tops now get tucked in, and I've even bought some blingy belts to wear with my jeans ... I actually enjoy getting dressed now, and I have Calorie Count to thank for it.  I've looked at some of the other sites and wouldn't consider switching.

Original Post by supwrskinny:

I like cc better. My fitness pal has set portions, it bugs me. I find cc much easier to use. However there are limited foods on cc, I still like it better :)

I feel the same way. I joined MFP for all of 5 min and then became frustrated when I couldn't put in my own portion sizes and deleted my account.

I also wanted to add that on MFP it was only giving me approx 1200 calories to eat for the day, verus 1460 here on CC, I wonder why that is?

Wow wow wow! I am a long time user of Calorie Count and all my friends use MFP. I started my diet up again before xmas then took a break over xmas week. I was never able to recover from xmas and haven't logged in over a month. I'm ready to get back into it again and decided I'd start up again, and look at MFP to make a fresh new start. Besides, there's almost everything listed in their food database.

I was scrolling through their community forums (a big part of my weightloss comes from the community - sharing ideas, making friends and keeping motivation up) and looked through posts. In each topic there was ALOT of negativity. I thought it was maybe a one-off but when I began looking through, realised it is common.

These are 3 posts I've come across:

1. Plus your argument is rediculous... Phelps is pretty fat free. Is this the same douche that ran this retarded topic last time, or a different one?

2. Well, who said that, and what evidence did they offer to support that assertion?  Sounds like rubbish to me.

3. I am not wasting my time in yet another debate with you...I am sorry you cannot understand the point I am making.  Layne Norton touches on it here if you care to understand it further

I have also found that MFP is more restrictive on what you can do with logging. If you log foods you cannot edit the measurements, and also if you go into the 'fitness' log, the page then forces you to log something at 1 calorie or more.

In terms of prospective advantages:


* Almost all foods and brands in database

* More reliable app

* Running totals for cals, protein, fat, carbs, sugar, sodium all on the same day's log, instead of CC's day's log only showing the day's cals.

*Everything absolutely free


Calorie Count:

*Friendly community

*Better weekly goals log

*Control of food entry quantities

*Breakdown of food into fats/carbs/protein in piechart format

*Pictures of foods (it can be hard finding an exact food entry based on title)

*ability to 'like' a post (MFP only lets you comment)


Choose your site on what will likely benefit you greatest. I know for me the sharing of ideas and friendly contact helps me stay on track. Others will find MFP more useful if they have overly busy lifestyles, needing it only to log foods on the go.

I went to myfitnesspal and come back here to chat with you guys

I've done the same jdfly - I've tried MFP but can't seem to warm to it.

CC for me is the best - it has it's flaws like anything, but on the whole I find it really useful, trustworthy, and the community are great!

wow, I have been using cc for a few years now, and loved it - friend encouraged me to use mfp so have been using it for about a week now, and all the points made have been really bang on - the entering is a bit more difficult and you dont get an overall grade on your analysis of your eating for the day on mfp (this kinda sucks) portion control is a huge issue.

To tell you the truth I am thinking of using both, like some features on each - seems like a lot of work but I want to get the BEST out of my weight loss.

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First time I've logged into cc as was just curious what the differences were between MFP and CC. I've read a few posts and not sure if I'm understanding some of the posts that pertain to portion size... I have been using MFP for about a month and I was frustrated the first few days w portion sizes offered however then a light went in and eureka I solved the issue, for myself anyway. If I have a 1/4 cup of something (haha, ya right) and the portion size only offers 1 cup then all I do is leave it on one cup but use the wheel thingy to scroll to 1/4 of serving size. Is this the issue everyone is talking about or am I so lost I can't find my way out? Lol
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