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Custom Food?

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I used to be able to add custom foods (those that weren't in the database).  I can't seem to find the function now.   Can anyone help??


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I would also like to know how one does this. For instance, I do my grocery shopping at Target, and some of the foods I buy are the Target brands, but I don't see them represented in the database, and when I compare labels, none of those available match closely enough for my satisfaction.

You can add a Custom Food from the food log including vitamins.  The link is right under the red "Not in Database?”  Here is a screen shot:

Ah, I was looking in the wrong place, of course. Thanks very much, I can't tell you how much confusion about the food log you've just eliminated for me.


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How can I delete custom entries, particularly calorie amounts,from the database? The accmulated list is v long to scroll through.
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