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Category for supplements?

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Is there a category to enter Supplements such as 'One A Day' multivitamins?
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Havent found a way I take one each day and would like to count it.

I'm having the same problem. I take 10mg of Iron each day, as well as a B12 pill that I know would change the status of a few things.

Make it a specific food. Enter all teh info and save it as a custom food. Then you can add it.

I do this sometimes. Ok I am bad about taking my viatmin

I've added my multi as a custom food and it changes the % Hopefully this is fixed soon; there is also no place to add pro-biotics
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Baltimoreamt - thanks for the advice. I'll try that.

There is an Add Vitamin/Supliment category option.


I had exactly the same thing with my multi vit. It was suggested that not making it visable to other could stop the numbers from being changed but it still happens, gets really annoying after a while.

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To the person who suggested adding a custom. I did that but the only way it would work was by adding a calorie. Otherwise I get a Null void.
  1. Go Logging
  2. Go Food Log
  3. Go Add Food - Other
  4. Go "Not in Database?" Go "add vitamins/supplements" -- you may have to click on the arrow for add more.  If it won't save without calories, just put 0
Same problem here!
To follow coach_k directions you have to have access to computer. It doesn't work with iPhone. There's no "add food-other"

Just put in zero calories

Some vitamins are listed if you just search for 'vitamin.'  But, there are so many vitamins out there with differing amounts of vitamins and minerals that I would just make it a custom food.  Use 0 for the number of calories (if that's what the bottle says).  Then it is easier to find each day, too.

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