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Cal Camp Display Settings?

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Does anyone know how to change the settings on the Calorie Camp Dashboard?  I've been looking at all the settings and I can't find it?  Some people have their net calories displayed and I would like to figure out how to do that??

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You can't change the display settings, as far as I know.  If your net calories (deficit) is larger than 1000 calories it will not be displayed on the dashboard.

this is both because deficits of larger than 1000 calories are considered generally not healthy nor sustainable, and because the larger deficits can create competition and be triggering to those who may have an eating disorder.

Wow - you're right.  Now I realize that no ones net calories are larger than 1,000.  Yesterday mine net cal def was 1045!  While I'm tempted to be aggrevated I'm impressed with the thoughtfulness behind it and it will make me rethink having such a large deficit myself.  

Thanks.  I appreciate it!

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I am still confused about net cals, I have had negatives and im really not sure how to read them and what should i be aiming for..


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