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I noticed that my burn meter changes the more I exercise. At the beginning of the day, my daily caloric expenditure is 1920, but if I work off roughly 1300 calories through exercise, it doesn't add on to the 1920, but subtracts some (roughly 200), so it looks like I'm not working out as much as I am. The greater the loss through activity, the greater the loss off of my base daily expenditure, it seems.

Is there a reason for this? I want to be as accurate as possible when logging my exercise and foods.

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You do not get to double dip...

Your body will burn calories regardless of what you are doing (well, unless you are dead), when you exercise, your REPLACE those calories, not add to them.

If I burn 1620 calories at sedentary, that is 67.5 calories per hour.  If I exercise for an hour and burn 350 calories, first comes off what you would have burned anyway... leaving me with 282.5 which is then what gets added to your burn meter.

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Thank you! I knew there had to be a reason, I just didn't know of it.


Much appreciated.

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