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looking for strangers to read my book

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Okay I'm posting cuz I dunno where else to post this. I'm a writer looking to publish. I don't know how to get published. Hell, I'm sixteen. Idk of my book is even GOOD. I'm hoping to find a variety of readers who will tell me if it is. And if anyone out there knows how to get published I will be SOOO happy to talk to you!!!
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Is it a novel?

What's it about? (Have you finished a first draft or second draft or....?)

How to get published depends partially on what you're writing, if you know anyone who can help you, if you can get someone to help you.

It's a teen romance- if you trying to forget high school, not the book for you. In high school, the book will sound strangely familiar. It has a definite element of tragedy, also. I have a sixth draft. I keep editing...


How long is it?

And can you compare it to another book, sort of a If you liked this then you'll like my book.

U know? I don't think I can, to be totally honest!!! It's about forty pages, or so

That's not too long - I can read that for you.


Great if u want to PM me ur email I can send it

I'd love to read your book! I'm 19, so I believe I will be an accurate age group for you to test on. I'm not going to be nice with my critique though, but I'm not trying to be mean, my review would be useless if I didn't tell you what I honestly think of it right?

I'd love to read your book and then I could give it to my teenage daughter to read so you could get feed back from both old an young.Laughing

That would be amazing if u PM me ur email I will send it to you!!!
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