Are there foods, other than asparagus, that change the color of urine?
Asked by anonymous on Jan 03, 2011 in Nutrition

And the odor as well.  It seems like whenever I eat salmon, the next day my urine is very "fishy" smelling.


Many foods affect the color and odor of urine.  Asparagus can give urine a greenish tint as well as a characteristic odor.  Other foods that change urine color are carrots and carrot juice, which give an orange tinge, beets, blackberries and rhubarb, which impart a reddish hue and, in large amounts, fava beans, aloe and rhubarb can turn urine dark brown.  Changes in urine color and odor caused by foods are harmless and temporary.  Vitamin makers often add a dye to turn urine bright yellow so you'll remember to take your dose.  Medications and medical conditions may also change the color and odor of urine.  Consult your doctor if you see blood and if the changes cannot be traced back to food or dye.

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