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Focus and Discipline Is The Key

By Sheila on Jan 25, 2010 12:00 PM in Success Stories

The title is one tip that this week's featured member, nithinmuktesh83 would like to share with you.  He tells us about his dietary and physical fitness routines that have helped him lose over 35lbs, and it’s a plan he will continue to follow until he reaches his goal.

He contacted us through our Share Your Story feature and provided the following answers to our questionnaire.

1. What made you decide to lose weight this time? Did you have an "Aha!" moment?

I've been having "Aha!" moments for the past few years! But I never really had the perseverance and dedication to really pull it off. This time thankfully I managed to have the focus to burn off my excess calories, thanks to my friend Hari who is my gym/diet partner and his brother who suggested we use

2. What other "diets" (programs, products, plans, or services) had you tried in the past?

Everything possible. Diets, gyms etc. It was just lack of focus that let me down all the time. I'd lose some weight, become complacent and then get back to old habits!

3. What changes did you make to your usual diet, activity, lifestyle, and attitude?

I realized that weight loss is all about changing your lifestyle. Eat healthy, hit the gym, indulge in sports and go for treks were the major changes that I could bring in my lifestyle. I stopped eating chocolates, ice creams, sodas, pizzas, KFC, and McDonald's. I reduced rice and all other carbs to the bare minimum, eating once or twice in a week, with very limited quantities. I started having cereals for breakfast, indian bread (chappati/roti) for lunch and a very light dinner with fruits/vegetable salad. I also started hitting the gym atleast 4 times a week and started body pump and body combat classes at the gym.

4. How did Calorie Count help you to lose weight?

I would not be writing this if it had not been for Calorie Count. Knowledge of the food you eat is the basic requirement to start a healthy diet. And once I started keeping track of what I ate on a daily basis, I realized the mistakes made in past. For example, I never realized that adding sauces, salad dressings or mayonnaise into a sub makes it really heavy on bad calories. Bringing such subtle things into diets makes a huge difference and improves not only our waistline but also our health.

5. What was most challenging about losing weight?

The real challenges I face are at parties and team lunches. The buffets, beer, beef, ice creams, and the gulab-jamuns (indian sweet).  Having to keep my hands off that was my biggest challenge.

6. How long did it take you to see results?

It took me about 1.5 months to see results. I really started losing weight quickly once I got into the groove of regular exercise and dieting.

7. When did you realize that you were a success?

I knew I was a success when I could wear "medium" size T-shirts with ease and when my waist size 33 pants started fitting me.

8. How do you prevent relapse?

I am still a little away from my goal. Once i get there, I just need to make sure that it's maintained by a healthy diet and regular exercise.

9. How has your life changed now that you've lost weight?

Confidence!  I feel good and proud about my achievement. I'm more active now than I was before and I always feel great after my gym workout.

10. What five tips do you have for other dieters?

  • Focus and discipline is the key to weight loss. Without that no matter how many diet programs or gyms you enroll in, they will not help you sustain the effort.
  • Kill the fat.  There's no shortcut that will make this effort less painful - just stick with your program and avoid the excess calories.
  • Know what you eat. Calorie Count is the best tool to help with this.
  • Get to the gym and don't stick to cardio all the time because you'll get bored soon. Attend classes, lift weights, try different types of cardio workouts. 
  • Set small targets (weekly or bi-weekly). Once you start seeing the
    achievements there, you'll  keep trying harder and one day you'll realize you are weighing 20-30 pounds less.


If you would like us to feature your success story, you can submit it here. The most insightful stories will be featured on this blog and in the weekly "Success Stories" newsletter.


wow...great nithin

wow thats a great achievement :) congrats and best of luck for the remaining journey to your goal

I agree with you about the focus and discipline.  If that is not present, it is easy to take our eyes off of the goal, which is a healthy lifestyle and better quality of life, after all!  Congratulations to you on your success!!

very inspiring, thank you for sharing your story!

wow ... that's amazing.... thanks for sharing your story and being an inspiration to others

good job brudda! you inspired me to get out of my house

Thank you very much for sharing your story! You gave a lot of great tips that will help me stay on track. Calorie Count is fantastic website that is helping me also! :)

Wow, you look awesome. No offense but the pic on the left looks like that could be your dad. You look so much younger and you look great!

congratulations nithin! I havent found many Indians on this website.. its a great pleasure to see u achieve ur results and share it here. its difficult to keep off carbs in indian food.. I'm also trying to lose weight for a long time now.. hopefully I'l also be able to share my weight-loss story with u too..

take care


Congrats Nithin!!!! And thanks a ton for reiterating what we all know but can never really pull off!!!! I too have been on a Yo-yo!!!! Dieting then falling off the wagon!!!!! In fact this time I have taken a very strong resolution to stick to the diet & exercise routine but since I haven't seen any difference in the last two months, I am tempted to quit but then your story has helped put me back on track!!!

Thanks once again & all the best for the remaining part of the journey!!!

Congratulations on your success thus far!  You look great. Your 5 tips are great!!!

hey nithin...great job! I completely agree with u on focus on discipline - its exactly what i am having trouble with. Its a real pleasure to see an Indian here, I am sure you would understand best how difficult it is to count calories in home cooked Indian meals - do you have any suggestions to help me out with this? I am sure it will make it a whole lot easier for me to decide how much i need to cut down or how much i need to excercise if I knew how many calories I consume in a day. I'll look forward to hearing from you..

Congratulations once again :)


Well Said Nithin! Thanks for getting me back on focus again... especially since I lose focus every weekend... haha

Thank you for the inspiration, I really needed it.  Thank you.

Congratulations. You look great. I am hoping for the same success...

Comment Removed

Comment Removed

Nice work - you look great! It must feel pretty amazing!

wow! congrats! you must be so proud!

Wow! Very inspiring and you look way younger!  Congratulations!

I can't get over how  much younger you look! What an inspiration, good job!

Great going Nithin! Its nice to see an Indian featured feels reassuring to know there are so many of us on CC!

Great job.

WOW! You look great!!!!!! I needed your motivation. I am officially down 10 lbs but feel myself struggling to make the changes long term and not relapse. Thank you for your suggestions!

Congratulations!!!!  & Thank you for sharing your story.  You really encouraged me to keep going, even though workouts are tough.  You look awesome!!  & a lot younger!  I'm so happy for you and I wish you all the best as you finish your journey and reach your goal weight.  Laughing


Outstanding.  I am also losing weight simply by continuously logging everything I eat or drink.  This site helped me to see WHERE I am making choices that use my calories.

"There's no shortcut..." How true that is!! Well stated...I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. You are an inspiration to us all and your tips are the best I've read yet. So, so's all relative to the Nike slogan..."Just Do It!" We have the tools, we have to keep discipline and motivation and your WHY has to be stronger than anything else. Great job!!

Thanks for sharing your story! Very inspirational. 

"Focus and discipline is the key to weight loss. Without that no matter how many diet programs or gyms you enroll in, they will not help you sustain the effort."

That is an undebatable fact!  I am more focused an discipllined now than I have ever been during all three times I have tried to rid my body of the excess weight I've gained over the last 15 years. Now that I am focused and have become disciplined on my lifestyle-change journey, exercising and planning and eating healthier meals are not a chore; they are a part of my lifestyle!


Congratulations, it is inspriring to see your results. Thanks for the great tips.

That was very inspriring to hear your story and look at your results. I have been dieting and walking on my treadmill since jan.4th with no results yet. I am very disappointed,but I keep on trying with out cheating....

Thank you for sharing!  Good luck on your journey to making your goal!  You have a good head on your shoulder so am confident that you will reach your goal!

Good article, except women get to plateaus and stay on them




Congratulations!  You don't look like you need to lose any more weight.  You have done an excellent job with your weight loss.  You are an inspiration!

Way to go!

It's so hard..especially saying no to gulab-jamuns...I wonder how many calories those things have??

Hey Nitin

You look great!! Congratulations!!!

Love your story... it is focus that helps you get through. I am from Trinidad and my father is Indian and French... and the Indian food is the hardest for me! But since my journey that is started June,15th 2009 I have dropped 40lbs and it is all focus and determination. Thank you for sharing your story!

What an inspiring story!  I like the words about "kill the fat".  I plan on taking your advice this week!  Keep at it and know that it's already worked out.  You look great!   

looking good!  it is hard, but doesn't it feel good to be thinner, more active and eating more nutritiously?  It can be done!  Thanks for sharing.

great job man!

good job nitin, I had given a feed back of mine as well, but never got featured and i just put it off thinking that my 17 kgs loss was not a big thing for this blog to put it up, but neverthless it s big thing for me. I lost it in 1 year and like u, its a matter of discipline that i have been following. No matter what may be, if the sun is up, i m at the gym sharp 8 am..when the gym opens,even on days when my kids are sick and are at home, i haven't missed my gym...mon to fri 3 hours everyday.....Like u, i m an indian and so carbs play a major role in my life and the constitution is such that it takes a lot of hard work to get to where one is at the moment.was happy to read a success story from an indian!!!!

You look great- good work!

Congratulations, excellent advice - sensible that one can live with.

Wishing you a long, healthy life.

You look great!


   Cool    you did great....hoping to have similar results too.



Hi my name is Becky

I was wondering how you stay disciplined. I'm having a hard time sticking with a plan. I'll do good for a week then I get off it. Help!!!!!!

Hi, Becky


i think the key to success is to find 1 to 2 sport activities you love and can keep on going. Best would be if they are both anaerobic/endurance. I try myself to see if I can create a calorie deficit about 1000 a day or per week 4-5000. So target is to work on about 2lb, mostly 5hours of sport a week.

Then also it would not matter so much in case i fell into some sweets once in a while. I'm just like you I will open a pack of sweet once in a while feel guilty and compensate on the next work outs.




Hi Cooledit

I'm not much into sports. I usually do the treadmill.  I've been doing much better during this wwek. I over did it yesterday. I'm quite tired and sore.

I couldn't rest last night so i got up in the middle of the night and took a warm bath. It was heaven.

Congratulations!!! I just joined the calorie count today and this motivates me to keep going!! thanks for sharing your story.

You look like a different person, I bet a lot of people don't recognize you. Congratulations on your self-discipline! I loved your tipsSmile

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