How can I fix my thyroid without seeing a doctor?
Asked by todadevi on Jun 15, 2009 in Weight Loss

I have run into a dilemma of health and healthcare.  I am unemployed, without health insurance, and after visiting a free(ish) health fair, I learned that I have hypothryoidism.  I am 25, 5'10", about 225 lbs, a vegetarian, and a fairly healthy eater.  (I never understood why I was gaining the weight when I ate little more then vegetables and fruit at every meal.  I just attributed to working long hours in front of a computer). I have now limited my caloric intake to about 1500-1600 a day and am taking L-Tyrosine recommended to me by a friend who is a homeopath. But despite a small increase in exercise, the supplement, and the cut in caloric intake, I am still gaining or sustaining my current weight rather then loosing.  What more can I do to get down to a healthy weight and stimulate my thyroid without visiting a doctor?


Hypothyroidism left untreated can cause serious medical problems. You need to see a medical doctor to find out if you actually have the disease and for treatment. Eating or avoiding certain foods cannot fix hypothyroidism. Nutrition is useful as a supporting therapy, but it cannot replace conventional treatment. If you cannot afford to see a doctor, then go to a federally-funded health center where they simply ask you to pay what you can afford. Meanwhile, continue to follow a 1500 – 1600 calorie diet because that is the correct level for you. L-tyrosine is prescribed by some homeopaths for thyroid health. If you are taking prescription thyroid hormone medication, it is important not to take L-tyrosine without direction from your doctor.


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