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Why do I feel fat around skinny people?
Asked by anonymous on Jul 14, 2009 in Emotional & Behavioral Issues

My brother’s girlfriend is so skinny and so is he.  When I’m around them I feel so fat.   What should I do?


At 5’0”, 108 lbs, BMI 21, your weight is absolutely perfect.  At your age (15), many of your peers are thin because they are growing tall, but they will not always be so skinny. Make a deal with yourself to love the body you have. Use it to play, dance and work.  Don’t buy into the media’s offensive standards for extreme thinness because they will erode your self-esteem and keep you from making a worthwhile contribution. When friends complain about their healthy bodies, make then stop.  Take part in the “Love Your Body” campaign from the National Organization for Women.  Read more about body image and teens at

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