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Why do I have fat thighs when my body is skinny?
Asked by meow_x on Dec 01, 2008 in Weight Maintenance

If the rest of my body is skinny but my thighs are fat, does that mean I will never lose weight on my thighs? I have skinny arms, stomach and legs up to the knee, but then my thighs are big. I'm only fourteen and I don't deserve big thighs!  Is it possible for me to lose weight on my thighs? How?  Please don't say I can't lose weight on them!


Like 20% of all females, you are pear-shaped.  Pear-shaped girls have slim waists, flat stomachs, and are 2” smaller at the bust than at the hip.  Pear-shaped celebrities include Jennifer Lopez, Claire Danes and Keira Knightly. You can look great with a pear-shape if you maintain your weight in the healthy range and do low-intensity aerobic exercise that targets the lower body.  Jogging, skating, stair climbing and dancing will help to keep you toned.  Also dress to flatter a pear-shaped figure and, above all, learn to love the body you were given.

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