Is fast food salad bad?
Asked by anonymous on Jun 19, 2008 in Nutrition

A friend told me that all fast food items are bad because of preservatives.  I typically get grilled chicken on the salad and remove the cheese and use light salad dressing, but is my fast food salad a problem?


Fast food salad is better than a greasy burger and it's no worse that the anemic salads people eat at home - but I can think of better things to eat - just not in a fast food restaurant.  The salad starts with bagged lettuce, which is usually preservative-free, although it is grown with herbicides and pesticides like all agribusiness food.  The salad is washed in chlorinated water to take away traces of earth and bacteria, and the chlorine residue left on the salad is less than the level permitted in tap water.  The chicken in the salad is raised on hormones, antibiotics and artificial feed, and the salad dressing contains preservatives to keep it fresh.  But the only way around it is to eat organic food or grow your own.  Either way, it is still very important to eat your vegetables.

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