How can I get my family to eat better?
Asked by anonymous on Feb 07, 2008 in Family & Pregnancy

I'm 16 years old and I live with my family. My mom buys all the food, and prepares dinner. I prepare breakfast and I eat school lunch during the week. In my house, the food is nothing but grease. My brother only drinks soda. My mom won’t make anything new because the family won’t eat it. How can I convince my family to see my way? I'm not usually a confrontational person and it's 4 against 1. Can anyone help me? And does anyone have any advice about family meals?


If your family is not ready to change, don’t push them. Practice your own healthy habits and lead by example. Since you control your breakfast and lunch, make sure you have healthy foods in the house. Make a list of the food you need and go shopping with your mom. You and your mom will have to coordinate dinner. Find out what she is cooking and add or subtract foods to meet your needs. Learn to cook interesting dishes and offer them to everyone. You might be surprised by the takers over time.

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