Which exercises are best for joint hypermobility?
Asked by oricleferret on Oct 07, 2009 in Health Conditions

I have hypermobility in most of my joints. My knees ankles, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists easily become dislocated. I was informed by my doctor that I am hypermoblile and he told me to be careful when I move. I asked if could I exercise and he said, “Yes, if you can find exercises that do not cause this to happen."  (He told me to have a nice day and I am looking for a new doctor.) Is there a website where I could find some suggestions for what might be safe to do at home? I am fairly broke.


Joint hypermotility syndrome is a benign condition where the joints can easily move beyond the normal range.  The best exercises are those that stretch, strengthen and stabilize the muscles while avoiding injuries to the joints.  Opt for exercises that focus on balance, coordination and orientation of the limbs, such as use of a wobble board or a balance ball.  Open chain exercises, like the knee extensions and straight leg raises can be safe if you avoid heavy weights and excessive repetitions.  Closed chain exercises, like squats, can be safe as well.  Aerobic conditioning, such as continuous walking, cycling, swimming, or deep water running, are important too.  Ideally, a qualified physical therapist or osteopathic physician would design your program and their services may be covered by health insurance.  Visit the Guide to Physical Therapy at About.com for exercise assistance.

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