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I exercise every day, Should I have a rest day?
Asked by anonymous on Apr 14, 2008 in Fitness

I exercise every day to include at least 50 minutes of cardio.  I also do abs 6 days a week and weights 4 days a week.  On the weekends I do extra cardio.  Am I exercising too much?


Rest is a necessary part of an exercise routine. You repair and rebuild your muscles during rest.  A four-day weight-training schedule includes 2 days of upper body only, 2 days of lower body only, and three days of rest spaced in between.  Your ab exercises should be worked into your training sessions.  Read about principles of weight-training from the Guide to Bodybuilding at  You should also take a rest from your cardio routine.  One day a week, do weight-training only without cardio, and on one other day, do not exercise at all.  The Sports Medicine Guide at has training schedules for many cardio activities.

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