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El Verano Sabroso Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 1905 McHenry Ave.
Escalon, California 95320
United States
Phone 888-ESCALON
Added 2011-06-21 17:22:49
Escalon introduces four value-added tomato products that deliver the fresh flavor you demand, along with the time-savings you need. We use only the finest vine-ripened tomatoes to deliver the ultimate fresh-packed quality. El Verano Sabroso tomato products offer exceptional versatility for a wide array of dishes and convenience without sacrifice.

Parent Company:

Escalon Premier Brands

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  •     Tomatoes - Chopped, in Light Tomato Puree
  •     Tomatoes - Peeled, Chopped, in Light Tomato Puree
  •     Tomatoes - Diced, Salsa Style
  •     Tomatoes - Peeled Chunky, in Light Tomato Puree
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