What effect does diet soda have on metabolism and weight loss?
Asked by daddydo1977 on Jul 29, 2008 in Nutrition

I have been hearing on TV that diet soda slows your metabolism. Is that true?


The leading explanation is that artificial sweeteners unnecessarily trigger the production of digestive hormones and enzymes, which confuses the body and, in turn, obstructs its ability to regulate intake and appetite going forward.  Diet soda and artificial sweeteners have been linked to weight gain in some recent studies. In one, lab rats fed yogurt sweetened with saccharine gained more weight than rats fed a sugary yogurt.  In another large study on humans, there was a 41% increase over the years in the risk of being overweight for every can diet soda a person drank each day.  The issue, however, is far from settled and more research is needed in humans in order to prove cause and effect.

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