Will eating raw carrots raise my sugar count? I am diabetic.
Asked by 56pokey on Aug 12, 2008 in Health Conditions

I eat 10-15 raw carrots a day.


Carrots and blood sugar are linked by the Glycemic Index, a measure of a food’s ability to raise blood sugar. Carrots rank high, but the index is flawed because it is based on a 50-gram serving of carbohydrate eaten all at once. Your portion of carrots, 10-15,  provides about 75 grams of carbohydrate but it is spread out over the course of a day. I will assume your carrots won't impact your blood sugar, but you should test about an hour after you eat (or even two hours) just to be sure.  Also consider that it’s not a good idea to overeat any one food.  Why not give cucumbers, celery, peppers, and other vegetables a try?

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