How can I eat sweets without gaining weight?
Asked by anonymous on Apr 05, 2009 in Emotional & Behavioral Issues

I try very hard to eat healthy and I pretty much do.  I know that you should let yourself have sweets once in a while, but I am so afraid of having anything that's not sugar free, fat free, low calorie, or so on.  How can I have a little bit of sweets, indulge a little, without gaining weight?  I am so afraid - I don't want to gain any weight. Please help.


You will not gain weight as long as you stay within your calorie budget.  Many people lose and maintain healthy weights without eliminating sweets or eating diet foods. Challenge your fearful negative messages by using positive self-talk.  Don’t say, “If I eat a sweet, I won’t be able to stop” because it’s simply not true!  Say, “I can enjoy a sweet and stop when I’m satisfied.”  Over-restrictive dieting leads to binging, and so you need to loosen up.  Practice eating something sweet everyday until your fear subsides.  Read Intuitive Eating by Tribole and Resch to learn how to stop rigid dieting and obsessing about food.

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