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Do I have to eat "low-calorie" food to maintain my weight?
Asked by anonymous on Dec 19, 2008 in Weight Maintenance

I lost weight on a diet plan and now I am on a progressive maintenance plan. The menu features low-calorie alternatives such as light peanut butter and bread, but I prefer natural organic peanut butter whole wheat bread, even though they have more calories. I would rather be healthy and chemical free, but find it hard when I see all the extra calories in healthy food.


You don't have to eat artificial food to meet your calorie goals.  Just adjust the correct portions of the food you prefer to make it fit.  One-size-fits-all menus don’t work.  Create your own menus by logging your food and staying within your calorie goals.  Aim for a balanced diet and tweak it until it reflects your personal style and is nutritious and you are satisfied.   Read about eating healthy foods at and get suggestions from like-minded people in the Calorie Count Forum on food and the Cooking Real Food Group.  Also learn how to cook naturally low calorie food that satisfies all of your senses.

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