Why do I eat when I'm bored?
Asked by cddemers on Sep 13, 2008 in Emotional & Behavioral Issues

I am desperate!  I self-medicate with food the way other addicts use other substances. I eat when I am bored, fully aware of the impact, yet still do it. I have to get help of some sort, so I guess my question is what sort?  How do you impart change on the genuine issues? I am smart, of a significantly, higher than normal IQ, I maneuver well in impact situation and stress, AKA I think critically. Why can't I genuinely change in this arena?


Boredom happens when we lose our passion to connect with the world and make a difference.  What is holding you back from becoming a full participant in your life?  When you think about eating, ask yourself if you are physically hungry, and if not, delve into what you are genuinely feeling.  Journaling is a great tool to increase self-awareness and psychological counseling helps to gain insight too. The good news is that you know that food and weight are not the issue and overeating is clearly not the solution. For many people, dieting is the key to self-discovery, and so be sure to enjoy the journey.

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