What should I eat 5 years after a gastric bypass?
Asked by anonymous on Apr 01, 2009 in Weight Loss

What is the appropriate diet for someone who had gastric bypass 5 yr ago? I would like to know the appropriate amounts of foods to consume now that it’s 5 years after my gastric bypass. It seems like I can eat a lot now!  I try to eat high protein, fiber, lots of cheese, and recently alcohol has become an issue due to dating. I have gained about 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks!! I have been eating a lot more - everything I can get my hands on. My stomach even hurts but I will keep eating! How do I gain control again and what is the best plan to stick too at this point? I would like to lose about 28 pounds still to have some plastic surgery.


To continue to lose weight, you have to limit your calories to about 1200 a day.  An appropriate diet for you now is the same as for anyone else.  But, the pattern you describe, is more like emotional eating.  Are you trying to sabotage your new life or simply acting like a kid in a candy store?  You can try deal with emotional eating and switch to the more flexible Intuitive Eating approach, where your feelings of hunger and satiety guide your intake.  Or, if you had LapBand surgery, you can ask your doctor to tighten it by adding saline to the band.

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